Sirsa: ATMs also dispense Rs 2000 notes


Sirsa: ATMs also dispense Rs 2000 notes

Sirsa: On the one hand, the Reserve Bank of India has announced that it will phase out Rs 2,000 notes while bank ATMs in Sirsa are dispensing Rs 2,000-2,000 notes. Consumers with Rs 2,000 bills have to go to the bank to exchange the bills, while Rs 2,000 bills are withdrawn from ATMs for cash withdrawals, causing problems for consumers.

The 2,000 rupee note was phased out by the RBI on May 19. Consumers have been given until September 30 to exchange Rs 2,000 notes. The consumer can only exchange 10 Rs 2,000 notes at a time. Sanjay Sardana, a resident of the New Housing Board Colony, said he withdrew cash from the PNB ATM in Baba Bhuman Shah Chowk around 7:45 p.m. on May 22. He gave the order to withdraw 8,000 rupees. Three of 2-2 thousand, 3 of 500, two of 200 and one note of 100 rupees came out of the ATM. He needed money and the ATM gave him Rs 2,000 bills. Now they will be forced to go to the bank to exchange these bills.

Banks have received clear instructions from the RBI not to insert Rs 2,000 notes into ATMs or issue Rs 2,000 notes to customers on behalf of the bank. Rather accept 2,000 banknotes given to you by the customer and exchange them up to 20,000 rupees at a time. But the opposite happens. Because of this, consumers are upset.

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