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Shops for the sale of self-help group products are now being built in Kurukshetra

MP Naib Singh Saini and MLA Subhash Sudha at Disha meeting (File Photo)

MP Naib Singh Saini and MLA Subhash Sudha at Disha meeting (File Photo)

Kurukshetra News: It was decided to set up ten shops in Kurukshetra to promote local products and strengthen the connection of self-help groups in Amrit Mahotsav’s year of independence. As part of this decision, a 10-group shop will be set up. If this pilot project is successful, the number of shops in Kurukshetra will increase. This increases the income of the self-help group and creates employment opportunities. The important aspect is that since year 2014 till date 2516 self-help groups have been established in Kurukshetra under the National Rural Livelihood Mission under the Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana. This group works in 127 villages of Kurukshetra.

MP Nayab Singh Saini and MP Subhash Sudha ordered administration officials at Disha’s meeting last day to set up shops to make the products of the self-help group members available to the people. MP Nayab Singh Saini said that as part of a pilot project, shops should be set up in Kurukshetra to sell self-help groups’ products in the market. In the first phase of this pilot project, such shops are to be created at the prime location of Kurukshetra. As part of this project, a shop with 10 self-help groups is to be built, so that 100 self-help groups can be connected to this project at the same time. Administrative officials have to decide what this deal should look like. These businesses can also be affiliated with VITA and HAFED and can also be affiliated with green business self-help groups set up by the government.

According to the administration’s report, 2,516 self-help groups have been set up since 2014. This self-help group is active in about 127 villages. In addition, six associations were founded at cluster level. The goal has been set to establish 1025 self-help groups this year, and within the scope of this goal 433 self-help groups have been established so far.

The MLA said an amount of 5 crore 9 lakh rupees was also made available to the support group. This amount was made available to 2095 self-help groups. In addition, 1,470 self-help groups are linked to banks that carry out their transactions on a regular basis. An amount of 23 Crore 46 Lakh 90,000 is currently circulating in these groups. Deputy Commissioner Shantanu Sharma directed officials to set up ten stores by Disha’s next meeting.

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