Sena Medal: Lal Mohit Sangwan from Dadri made Haryana proud and is honored with the Army’s highest medal.


Sena Medal: Lal Mohit Sangwan from Dadri made Haryana proud and is honored with the Army’s highest medal.

Sena Medal: Ahead of the 75th Republic Day, President Draupadi Murmu has approved conferring gallantry awards to 80 Army personnel. Among these 80 soldiers is the name of Major Mohit Sangwan, a resident of Dohki village Charkhi-Dadri, Haryana. Before Mohit Sangwan, his great-grandfather, grandfather and father also achieved this success. Mohit has enhanced the honor of his family and fellow villagers while continuing his family’s tradition in the army. By demonstrating his talent in the army, he achieved the greatest success in the army.

Happy atmosphere among family members

There is an atmosphere of joy among Mohit Sangwan’s family members after he received the Army’s highest gallantry medal. Mohit’s family members celebrated with the villagers and called him the pride of the state. We can tell you that Mohit has demonstrated his leadership, skill and courage in many successful Army operations in the challenging areas of the North East region. For this reason, it was announced that he would be awarded the Army Gallantry Medal. Everyone is impressed by Mohit’s passion.

What do Mohit’s parents say? They are proud of their son.

On the occasion of good fortune, his family members distribute sweets in the village. There is a rush of people congratulating him at his house. The residents of his village said that Lal Mohit of Haryana brought glory to both the village and the state. Talking to the media, Mohit’s father said that our son has done a great and good job. We have full confidence that Mohit will continue to serve the country in the same manner in the future.

He said that this was a bravery award for bravery. During his service in the North East, Mohit showed bravery in many operations. For this he received the army medal. Meanwhile, Mohit’s mother said that her son received the Army medal. We are all very happy. Our son has brought glory to the village and the state. I’m proud of my son for that. I want all sons to be so proud.

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Mohit received his primary education in the village.

Mohit’s family members said that his primary education took place in the village. He then attended the army school. After the announcement of awarding the Army’s highest medal, there is an atmosphere of joy among family members and villagers. The villagers said that Mohit Sangwan, who received the highest army medal in Dohki village and is popularly known as army soldier, created a record for the village.

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