Sanjeev Kaushal said: The Department of Mines and Geology has joined hands with HARSAC to start monitoring and controlling illegal mining.


Sanjeev Kaushal said: The Department of Mines and Geology has joined hands with HARSAC to start monitoring and controlling illegal mining.

Haryana: Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal said that the Ministry of Mines and Geology in collaboration with HARSAC is working to set up a control and monitoring center to take a major step towards curbing illegal mining activities in the state. The Chief Secretary chaired the meeting of the State Level Task Force Committee on Mines and Geology. Inspired by the successful application of monitoring stubble burning in agricultural areas, the center will use state-of-the-art satellite remote sensing technology to provide real-time information on illegal mining, he said.

Police deployment to control mining activities

Sanjeev Kaushal emphasized on deployment of stationary and mobile police forces in district offices and mining sites to conduct raids at suspicious locations. He highlighted the legal and illegal mining activities required through careful georeferencing of various mining locations.

Successful launch of the HMGIS portal

Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal, while appreciating the technological advancement of the department, highlighted the successful launch of HMGIS portal in the state in place of the old e-Ravana system. He said photos and video surveillance at weighing centers had further increased transparency and accountability. 1157 scales were seamlessly connected to the new system, resulting in generation of e-Ravan bills worth Rs 2,46,560 till January 9.

Joint efforts for improved surveillance

Director General of Mines and Geology Mandeep Singh Brar briefed the meeting about the department’s concrete efforts in collaboration with Harsec to prepare a system for monitoring GPS-equipped vehicles. He said the transport department is preparing a plan to make GPS installation mandatory in all commercial vehicles to improve overall tracking capabilities.

Georeferencing and drone use

Mandeep Singh Brar said that in response to the recent incidents and commitments to the National Green Tribunal, the ministry has intensified efforts to take stringent measures, including mining rehabilitation and imposing environmental regulations. To combat illegal mining, various mining sites will be carefully georeferenced and drones will be used for better surveillance. For security reasons, the ministry appointed Justice LN To respond promptly to the recommendations of Mittal (retd), a special team, the Haryana State Enforcement Bureau (HSENB), was formed in collaboration with police personnel to monitor the operation.

The department will conduct a public awareness campaign

Mandeep Singh, director general of mines and geology, said the department would conduct a public awareness campaign with the help of NGOs, social workers and local leaders. Local stakeholders like Sarpanches, Panches, Numberdars, Chowkidars and Patwaris will play an important role in this. This campaign is strengthened by their contribution and responsibility in identifying and reporting illegal mining activities. Haryana is at the forefront of implementing sustainable mining plans in collaboration with the public.

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