Rohtak: Ranbheri from Jat Mahasabha elections, new votes will be cast by September 30, decision will be taken in the assembly


Rohtak: Ranbheri from Jat Mahasabha elections, new votes will be cast by September 30, decision will be taken in the assembly

Rohtak. Executive Committee Discussion at Jat Bhawan Meeting.

Rohtak. Executive Committee Discussion at Jat Bhawan Meeting.

Amarjeet S Gill.Rohtak. The battle cry for Jat Mahasabha Dharamshala Rohtak elections began on Saturday. The Assembly session was held at the Mahasabha building. It was decided that new votes would be cast for the elections by September 30. Once this work is completed, 105 new colleges will be formed. Votes for the college are expected to be cast in February. Thereafter, the President, Vice President, Secretary, Co-Secretary and Treasurer will be voted on in March.

Remember that Major Chandra Singh is currently the leader of the assembly. Additionally, Shri Krishna Hooda is working on the post of Vice Principal, Rajveer Dahiya is working on the post of Joint Secretary and Acting Secretary and Uday Singh Phogat is working on the post of Treasurer. Rajveer Dahiya was given the additional charge of Secretary on July 15. Because the Assembly had removed Secretary Subhash Kadyan from his post. The allegation was that he had misbehaved with Chief Major Chandra Singh at the meeting.

You can change your permanent address

If a Life Member has changed their residence, they can now have their address changed in the General Meeting records. To do this, he must submit the documents regarding the new residence to the office of the General Assembly. This work can be carried out before the college is reconstituted.

There are currently 1631 voters

Currently, there are 1,631 voters in the Mahasabha. Any person belonging to any caste, religion or society can get life membership by presenting a check of Rs 5100 to the organization. The last date for joining was set for September 30th. Thereafter, there will be no further voting under any circumstances. In Saturday’s meeting, it was decided that the votes of deceased life members will be removed from the voters’ list after legal formalities are completed. The name will not be removed from the electoral roll until the current quorum member certifies the death of the life member. It is the responsibility of the quorum member if a life member of his or her quorum has died.

The donation was Rs 302,000

On Saturday itself, two families donated Rs 302,000 to Jat Mahasabha-Dharamshala in memory of their parents. Among these, two brothers, Jaipal Lathwal and Satyapal Lathwal of Mundlana village in Sonipat district have donated Rs 151,000 in memory of their mother Bharatho Devi and the same amount in memory of Baljeet Gill, Dharmbir Gill, Atar Singh and Kuldeep Gill of Kharenti village donated to her by father Punjab Singh and mother Risali Devi. Presented to the General Assembly in memory of. These families said the organization was doing remarkable work for the betterment of society. Therefore, it is our duty to support the Mahasabha financially.

You can purchase membership by paying Rs 5,100

The term of the current General Assembly officers ends in March 2024. The process was initiated to ensure that the elections take place on time. Any person can get membership by submitting a bank check of Rs 5,100 in favor of Mahasabha. Membership can be purchased until September 30th. -Major Chandra Singh, Head Jat Mahasabha-Dharamshala Rohtak

The term ends in March

The election of various officers in the General Assembly takes place every three years. The last elections took place in March 2021. Accordingly, the next election should take place in March 2024. A meeting was organized on Friday for this election. However, a general meeting will also take place before the elections. The election process will be completed in this session itself. To this end, the current 21-member board presents its three-year financial statements at the meeting.

peaceful meeting

It is learned that at the meeting on July 15, there was an argument between Senior Major Chandra Singh and Secretary Subhash Kadyan over a particular issue. But Saturday’s meeting was not all peaceful. Rather, the executive members present discussed all agendas in detail. In addition to setting the date for a new vote, two other resolutions were passed at the meeting. To air-condition the hall of the Mahasabha, it was decided to install 6-7 air conditioners in it and Jat Mahasabha-Dharamshala would form a joint venture with All India Jat Mahasabha in the near future.

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