Rewari: There are many illegal hoardings in the city, hoardings are put up at will.


Rewari: There are many illegal hoardings in the city, hoardings are put up at will.

Billboards in Naiwali Chowk.

Billboards in Naiwali Chowk.

Rewari: Online tenders have been floated for putting up hoardings at council locations in the city, but the process of putting up illegal hoardings continues continuously. The city council is not taking any action in this regard. By putting up huge billboards on billboards, street light poles, traffic lights, government buildings, shops, roofs and council walls, the city is losing out on huge amounts of revenue.

About six months ago, billboards were removed from the city by the city council, but since no action was taken after that, the city is once again full of illegal billboards. Online tenders were conducted at 30 local council locations, in which money was deposited at 24 locations and at 6 locations the money was not deposited even after advertising hoardings were put up. There is no longer a street in the city without billboards. There are many small billboards hanging on the poles of many street lamps.

Many people put up billboards of their own free will

There are small to large billboards all over the city. City council officials and staff ignore them. By installing illegal hoardings at various places, the beauty of many places including Sector, Model Town, Naiwali Chowk, Gopal Dev Chowk, Delhi Road, Bypass, Agrasen Chowk and Jhajjar Chowk Bawal Road are being marred. People put up billboards in places of their choosing.

Tender not carried out after 2021

In 2010, a hoarding policy was introduced to increase the council’s income. The tender was first published in 2013/14 but could not be completed due to allegations made by the contractor. Thereafter, an offer of around Rs 1.5 crore for three years was made in 2018-19. To help those erecting illegal billboards, the work order issued to the contractor for the tender was canceled following which the contractor moved the court. The court reprimanded the city council officials and directed the contractor to issue a work order, but still no solution was found. This tender was then canceled in 2021. Since then, the game of illegal erection of hoardings has been going on, due to which the council has suffered loss of revenue to the tune of thousands of rupees. Online tenders for the installation of hair fences are now running for two years.

Action will be taken against those who put up illegal billboards

Municipal council chairman Poonam Yadav said action will soon be taken against those putting up illegal hoardings in the city. Illegal billboards will be removed through a campaign and the owners will be fined. Besides, FIR is also registered against them.

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