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Rewari: The Sunday market cannot take place in the main markets today, two teams formed by the city council will monitor this

File photo from Sunday market in Moti Chowk.

File photo from Sunday market in Moti Chowk.

News2News.in News. Repetition: The city council has prepared for the Sunday market to be held in the city’s main markets, for which the city council has formed two teams. These teams will be present and monitoring in the main markets throughout the day. The instructions were given by DMC Subhita, Dhaka, at a January 10 meeting at the PWD Rest House with market association heads, after which no officials came to the Sunday market on Sunday January 15. Since then the system had failed. On that day, although the staff visited the markets throughout the day, causing cots, goods and vendors to disappear from the streets of the markets, however, many people gathered in front of the shops, causing many streets of the market to be closed.

This team will monitor the markets

CSI Sandeep Kumar will lead the team from 8am to 12pm and after that JE Kushal Kumar will take the responsibility of the team until 5pm to stop the Sunday market scheduled to take place in the markets on January 22nd.

The place was decided on the brass market

The city council planned to set up a Sunday market in the vacant square in Brass Market through announcements in the markets, but not a single shopkeeper and vendor reached ten squares last Sunday. Thereafter, the Brass Market Association met with the DMC and objected to the establishment of a Sunday market here. Representatives of the association said that there are already many problems in the brass market that are not being solved. The system will deteriorate even more here with the establishment of the Sunday market.

The Sunday market is not allowed to take place

City councilor EO Manoj Yadav said that the Sunday market is not allowed to take place in the markets at all. Closing the market is not our priority. On behalf of the city administration, action is taken against the shopkeepers who are invading the streets, for whom the teams formed will control the markets throughout the day.

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