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Rewari: The mother and son cheated 19.50 lakhs in the name of a railway job

Municipal police station near the car market.

Municipal police station near the car market.

Rewari: A woman and her son who live near Bhadawas Gate have deceived two people out of around 19.5 lakh rupees to get them jobs on the railway. After the investigations carried out on behalf of the SP, the police registered a case of fraud against three people, including a mother and son. The police have started searching for the accused.

Manoj, a resident of Gurvada, said he took over the shop for rent from Shakuntala, a resident of Mohalla Bas Sitabrai. In 2013 he started his work by renting this shop near Bhadawas Gate. Shakuntala joined him in July 2021. She wants her son Sachin Mishra to get a job on the railroad. Someone has to pay 2 lakh rupees for that. If he gives him money, he will get his money back soon. Manoj said he doesn’t have that much money. He only has one and a half lakh rupees. Afterwards, Shakuntala gave him an account number into which he deposited 1.40 lakh rupees. Shakuntala informed him in January 2022 that her son’s job at the railroad was done. His salary is good too. He now needs another 1.75 lakh rupees. She will give him his money back soon. Manoj says he borrowed money from his friend Amarjeet from Dhokia and gave it to Shakuntala.

Caught by showing son’s letter of entry

Manoj said in the complaint that one day he showed his son Sachin Mishra the railroad’s accession letter and said that his son now had a good job. He met the big boss of the railway. He can also have his wife employed by the railway. Manoj talked to his family members to get his wife a job. Shakuntala demanded 7.5 million rupees to get him a job. He fell into their clutches. He arranged an amount and gave it to Sachin Mishra. After that, his friend Bhim Singh was also caught in his trap in the name of the job. I have asked Bhim Singh 8.5 lakh rupees to have the stationmaster installed in the railway.

I call both of them to Mumbai and hand them fake letters

Manoj claims that after catching him and Bhim Singh, the mother-son duo collected several hundred rupees. Afterwards, Sachin asked him to come to Mumbai along with his wife and Bhim Singh. On March 7, 2022, both were handed the letters of accession. He went to Mumbai with his wife and Bhim Singh. Sachin said he should stay in a good hotel. He’s in a meeting right now. After that he stayed in a hotel. Sachin later came to the hotel and said that due to the spread of the disease, it would be some time before the two would get together. Both are called. When he later inquired at his level, it turned out that the liaison letters of both were forged.

Another participant was found with mother-son

Manoj had said that the mother-son duo extorted 1,950,500 rupees from him and Bhim Singh on several occasions, the proof of which is theirs. Following an investigation based on the SP’s letter to the police station, it was found that in addition to Shakuntala and Sachin Mishra, Atul Garg, a resident of Gwalior village of Gurgaon, is also involved in this case. The police have started proceedings against all three. Attempts were made to arrest the accused.

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