Rewari: Raid on CM Flying Key plant, conveyor belt and two compressors sealed due to lack of valid documents


Rewari: Raid on CM Flying Key plant, conveyor belt and two compressors sealed due to lack of valid documents

Rewari: The CM Flying Team raided a gravel mixing plant in Saharanwas village on Wednesday. Besides the flying CM, officials from electricity, mining, pollution and urban planning departments were also present. When no valid documents relating to the operation of the plant were found, the team sealed a conveyor belt and two compressors. All departments will submit their written reports separately.

A raid was carried out on the Shiva RMC plant

CM Flying had received information that the facility was operating illegally. The team comprising Inspector Satendra Kumar of CM Flying, Inspector Arzoo of Mines Department, JE Pawan of Electricity Department, Dharampal of DTP and Anjurani of Environment Department searched the Shiva RMC plant in Saharanwas village. Kuldeep, the engineer at the plant, could not produce any valid document on site. Mining inspector Arzoo measured the dust and found about 1,500 tonnes of gravel and 12,007 tonnes of dust at the site. If the invoice is not presented, the company will be notified. JE Pawan Kumar of the electricity department said that the company was not provided with power connection at the plant. All work in the facility is carried out using generators. Anjurani of the Ministry of Environment sealed a conveyor belt and two compressors on site after failing to find valid documents relating to the plant.

The defendant changed the license plate to defraud the financial company

A car was parked on the road near Rao Tularam Stadium, disrupting traffic. There was no driver in the car. The rear license plate of the car was also missing. Attempts were made to find out from the numbers on the front license plate, but this number has not been confirmed. After some time, Sunil, a resident of Majra Sheoraj, told that this car belonged to him. On the issue of submitting the RC, he said that it had already been submitted to the police after receiving the challan. In case of doubt, he stated when questioned that the vehicle was registered in his wife’s name. Due to non-payment of car payments, he had parked the car at home. In order to avoid the representatives of the financial company, he changed the license plate of the vehicle so that they could not recognize the vehicle. After checking the defendant, the police took possession of the car.

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