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Rewari: Millions of pounds worth of money were recovered from the car and police arrested two people

Haryana Police Department

Haryana Police Department

Rewari news: Rewari Sadar Police Station took possession of the car and cash on Sunday evening while simultaneously checking two people carrying 31.50 lakh rupees in the car bound for Narnaul via Pataudi. Both defendants will be turned over to Income Tax officials for questioning.

During the night’s blockade, the police had information that two people in an event van were carrying a lot of cash. After receiving the information, the police began searching the vehicles by blockade. Police recovered 63 bundles worth Rs 500 from a van traveling from Gurgaon to Narnaul. Police asked the two youths who the money belonged to and for what purpose it was being stolen, to which neither could give an answer. The two youths are told about Narnaul. According to the police, the cash will be handed over to the income tax office together with the accused so that the facts of the case can be uncovered.

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