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Rewari: Extension to HSVP administrator until January 31, issue compensation or appear in court yourself

Rewari dish.

Rewari dish.

News2News.in News. Repetition: Non-payment of increased land compensation for more than three hundred landowners has become a sore point for HSVP officials. The court of ASJ Dr. Sushil Kumar Garg granted the HSVP Gurugram Administrator a conditional waiver from appearing in person until January 31st. The court has clarified in its decisions that until that date either deposit the outstanding amount of compensation or appear in court in person.

Due to the failure to pay millions of rupees in compensation, the ASJ Court in its January 11 orders ordered the Panchkula Chief Administrator, the Gurugram Administrator and the Probate Officer of HSVP to appear in person on January 17 or report to the relevant authority thereafter a Patwari appeared in court on behalf of the HSVP. Judge Garg expressed his strong displeasure with the officers’ attitude and had issued notices asking them why they should not be prosecuted for contempt of court.

Lawyer expressed incompetence in court

Attorney RN Mahlawat, acting for HSVP, argued that the Gurugram Administrator was unable to travel to court due to ill health and was therefore exempt from appearing in person. The court then granted the waiver of the right to appear in person and ordered the administrators to either deposit the amount of compensation by January 31 or, without fail, to appear in person at the court on that day.

Additional Sessions Court’s photo.

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