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Result: 728 children leave and drop out of school in the district, 29 voluntary educational workers are hired

District Project Coordinator’s Office.

District Project Coordinator’s Office.

Jind: 29 volunteer educational workers are hired to accompany the children, who no longer attend school, back on the path to learning. Currently, 728 children in the district are not in school and are dropping out of school. The survey of these college dropouts was conducted from January 2nd to 16th. Volunteers must provide the DPC office with self-certified copies of educational credentials, forms and surveys of out-of-school students aged 7-14. The documents will be reviewed by a five-person committee on May 29. Applicants listed on the achievement list will be appointed as educational volunteers who will teach dropouts for 9 months.

A district-wide survey was conducted on behalf of the Haryana School Education Project Council to reinstate students who were absent from school due to family members’ financial constraints or other reasons. Data were compiled from 728 of these students who dropped out of school for various reasons. As part of the survey, the parents of these students were also persuaded to let their children be admitted again. Now the education department will try to admit all these students as soon as the next academic session starts. This survey was conducted by the teachers for two weeks.

Efforts to reinstate college dropouts: DPC

Sumitra Devi, DPC, Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan Office, Jind said that during the survey, parents were told to persuade students to resume their studies. If the student is educated, he can be successful in the future. “Most of the parents have also agreed to enroll their charges from the next meeting. There are 728 students in the district who have dropped out of school for one reason or another. The teachers’ efforts will be to include these students in the next session.

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