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Relief: NDC files will be installed in the corporation office starting Monday, and that too for free

Relief: ndc files will be installed in the corporation office starting monday, and that too for free - news2news. In

Mayor Gautam Sardana holds a meeting with municipal officials and city councillors.

Mayor Gautam Sardana holds a meeting with municipal officials and city councillors.

Hisar.There is some relief for consumers who have been pushed towards NDC in Hisar. Now NDC’s files don’t need to be kept outside of the company. From Monday, the files from NDC will only be installed in the city administration office and absolutely free of charge. Mayor Gautam Sardana gave this information at the meeting of the subcommittee on finance, contracts and purchase of the municipal company, which was held in the society’s assembly hall. Corporation Commissioner Pradeep Dahiya also attended the meeting. The officials present at the meeting and the subcommittee also approved this order from the mayor. Well, under the new order, starting Monday, a computer operator will be sitting at the municipal office who will provide a free service to consumers for NDC. The consumer’s online application is filled out only by the computer operator.

it used to be a problem

Explain that city residents require a toll-free NDC from the city government for property sales and other work. The NDC file had to be submitted from other locations, including any off-site CSC center. When deficiencies were found in the files, it was rejected by the company. In such a situation, the consumer had to face the problem, wandering here and there due to a lack of information. Consumers also had to pay a fee for submitting NDC files from outside.

Records of income and expenses

Prior to this, the details of the income and expenditure of the corporation were recorded at the meeting. At the meeting, the head of department recorded the income and expenditure from April 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022. He said that the estimated budget of the company’s revenue was Rs 88 crore 16 10,000, the company earned only Rs 33 crore 25 61,000 375 Rs.

The mayor asked questions about the low tax collection

On the details taken at the meeting, Mayor Sardana said the company had to recover Rs 22 crores in property tax but we were able to reclaim Rs 4 crore 50 lakh 68,000. In this regard, DMC Virendra Saharan has made it clear that we are correcting the data. Due to this requirement, property tax assessments could not be sent to the population. Mayor Sardana said property tax bills should be sent to residents as soon as possible so they can benefit from the exemption granted by the government. Apart from that, the mayor spoke about different plates for property tax ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 lakh.

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