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Preparing for Mission 2024 Fateh: Amit Shah will compete from Gohana Rally in Haryana

Union Interior Minister Amit Shah

Union Interior Minister Amit Shah

With the goal of implementing the strategy of 100 percent success in Mission 2024, the governing political heavyweights of the state are preparing to enter the race themselves from now on. In this sequence, Chanakya of the BJP and Union Home Secretary Amit Shah arrive in the state. Haryana BJP leaders have entered the field for the program, which is scheduled to take place in Gohana on January 29. At the 2014 Lok Sabha they are ready to get into the fray and prepare to win ten out of ten Lok Sabha seats in the state.

Along with the announcement of the extension of the term of office of National President JP Nadda, Haryana’s BJP political supporters, ministers and key organization officials reached Delhi and congratulated Nadda. At the same time, the BJP has reiterated its determination to prepare for the re-mission for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. President OP Dhankhar and his team claim the BJP is aiming to regain all 10 Lok Sabha seats. To achieve the goal, the rally of Amit Shah of Gohana on January 29 will mark the start of the Lok Sabha elections. A strategy was devised to organize programs in ten Lok Sabha state seats and to call on the leaders of the Delhi High Command from time to time. That means major events are being held in most areas to win ten seats in the state. With these rallies we will try to create an atmosphere in our favour. In this sequence, at the BJP National Board meeting in Delhi, there was a discussion on the Lok Sabha elections.

Senior BJP leaders will hold rallies across the state

At the rally on the 29th of this month, Amit Shah will deliver a message to ordinary people and party officials in the stronghold of former CM and opposition leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda. In this sequence, preparations are made to hold a rally of many major leaders including JP Nadda, Union Minister Rajnath Singh, Narendra Tomar and other BJP political veterans. The homework on maintaining caste and other forms of balance at these rallies is already being done. With the exception of Gohana, no date has been set for the remaining districts and seats of Lok Sabha, but in the coming period the location and date of these rallies will also be announced by the BJP officials.

Discussion on Lok Sabha elections: Chief Ministers

Prime Minister Manoharlal has also made it clear that at the BJP Executive Session, discussions were being held up to the Lok Sabha elections and not the Assembly. After the rally of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, there will be rallies of many other Union Ministers. Our goal is to win 10 out of 10 state seats in all Lok Sabha elections. The government’s focus is entirely on the poorest of the poor families, so it has focused on Antyodaya. The family ID worked for the last person in line.

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