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Premi Jade gave life: bodies of driving school operator and Alwar’s girl found in shop, farewell letter recovered

Premi jade gave life: bodies of driving school operator and alwar's girl found in shop, farewell letter recovered - news2news. In

Police are investigating on site

Police are investigating on site

News2News.in News: Narnaul

The bodies of a driving school operator and a girl were found in the town of Ateli in Mahendergarh district of . The young man’s body was found hanged while the girl’s body was found lying on the ground, it is believed that the girl committed suicide by consuming a poisonous substance. Police have also received a suicide note from the agency.

A young man and woman were found dead under suspicious circumstances in the office of a driving school near Tobra on the Narnaul-Rewari road on Friday afternoon. In this shop the young man was found hanged and the girl lying on the floor below. Vomit was also spilled on the floor. Police took both bodies into custody and sent them to the morgue in Narnaul where, after necessary procedures, an autopsy was carried out. To learn the true cause of death, the police called the FSL team and the doctor and examined the body. A farewell letter was also found with the bodies there, stating that they should take this step if family members do not agree to their . Police have taken the necessary action based on the testimony of the deceased’s uncle, Ramcharan.

According to the information, Gajanand, a resident of Ateli Mandi Ward 10, has opened a car driving school in front of Khod Mod on Narnaul-Rewari road. Gajanand is in love with 24-year-old Jyoti aka Chuki from Chiruni village. Mundawar tehsil from his uncle’s brother-in-law’s Alwar district Yes, it was preserved. According to the suicide note, both wanted to get married, but their families objected to the . Both ended their lives after not having a love . In this regard, Santosh Kumar, the head of Ateli’s police station, said that at first glance it was a case of suicide due to a love affair. The FSL team was called. The police called the relatives of the deceased and sent the bodies for autopsy. Further action will be taken based on the post-mortem report.

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