Police Investigative Officer Suspension Case: Reminder of ACS, Wheel of Action Began After Arrest on 99th


Police Investigative Officer Suspension Case: Reminder of ACS, Wheel of Action Began After Arrest on 99th

Haryana: Home Minister Anil Vij sent a reminder to ACS (Additional Chief Secretary) demanding a response in case the action is stopped following the arrest of 99 erring investigators. It was requested to clarify the facts regarding the investigation and further course of action in the entire matter. The Home Secretary’s office has written a letter to ACS Home calling for the cessation of the operation following the arrest of only 99 negligent investigators and asking for a detailed explanation. At the same time, if the number of culprits in the said entire case was not 372, then what action was taken against the police officers who falsely prepared the said report and misled the government?

The investigation of the case has been turned over to ACS Home

Let us tell you here that Home Minister Anil Vij had handed over the investigation of the entire matter to ACS Home following which there was a hope that in case of lax investigation officers, milk would turn milk into water. In addition, it is also certain that some police captains who reported the case of 372 negligent police officers would be punished. It should also be borne in mind that 99 officials who acted negligently were suspended in 13 districts. The Interior Minister’s measures to combat the negligent 99 investigators have not made any further progress since then.

Investigation launched into misleading government

The Home Minister had ordered an inquiry by the Home Minister into misleading the government in the case as the police officials claim that the number of negligent investigators was not 372 but only 99. Vij made it clear that either the initial report was false or now instead of taking action, a cover-up is being carried out. Currently, this report is limited to 13 districts as the SPs of the remaining 9 districts have made it clear that action has been taken in their FIRs which are more than a year old. Overall, the minister is also keeping an eye on these districts. Sources say that after suspending 99 out of 372, officials will be unable to take action against the rest as investigating officers will be short-staffed. Officials declared the first report false and said the number 372 was incorrectly stated in the first report.

99 out of 372 IOs in 13 districts suspended

For negligence, it was 9 out of 10 in Panchkula, 2 out of 3 in Panipat, 14 out of 60 in Gurugram, 13 out of 32 in Faridabad, 8 out of 30 in Ambala, 6 out of 57 in Yamunanagar, 31 in Karnal. Suspension action against 6 IOs, 3 out of 14 in Hisar, 27 out of 66 in Sirsa, 7 out of 24 in Jind, 1 out of 5 in Rewari, 2 out of 31 in Rohtak and 1 out of 9 in Sonipat. Was done. This also includes 9 DSP officers.

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