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Police arrested three thugs who robbed a junk shop in broad daylight

Police arrest the three suspects who attacked the scrap shop in Purnachandra and take them for medical treatment.

Police arrest the three suspects who attacked Purnachandra scrap shop and take them for medical treatment.

News2News.in News. Bhuna. Police have arrested three attackers, including the main suspect, in an attack by thugs at Purna Chand scrap shop on Tohana Road. When police questioned the accused, Purna Chand confessed to attacking the junk shop. The police also confiscated Rs. 1,500 from the three suspects. Who had withdrawn 12,000 from the cash counter during the attack on the scrap. The attackers will be brought before the court of honor on Monday and taken to Hisar custody.

At the same time, the police are also looking for other attackers. Let us tell you that on May 17, more than eight attackers attacked scrap dealer Purn Chand and his son Sonu while waving sticks at the Tohana Road scrap yard. The attackers had seriously injured Purna Chand by throwing stones and slats in the workshop. After the incident, police began investigating after CCTV footage of the attackers came to light. According to the police investigation, Monu’s son Sanjay was the mastermind behind the attack. Under their leadership, Vikas aka Vicky s/o Bani Singh and Ramsharan s/o Monu, residents of District No. 2, and six other people were taken in. The police arrested three attackers on Sunday. Sticks and sticks were also recovered from them. Of the 12,000 rupees looted from the Purna Chand scrap shop, these three attackers kept 6,000 rupees. Of this, all three defendants spent 4500 rupees. The police have seized the remaining 1500 rupees from him and are looking for the other suspects.

The main defendant, Monu, said he insulted my father in front of my eyes, so he attacked the scrap dealer.

Monu, who was behind the attack on Purnchand’s scrap shop, revealed under police questioning that my father and I came to the scrap shop on May 16 to sell washing machines as scrap. But Purnchand refused to take the washing machine mentioned above and insulted my father in front of me. For whom, with the intention of taking revenge, went to the scrap shop together with friends armed with sticks and rods. Where I hit Purna Chand with a lathi on the right shoulder. The same Vikas aka Vicky hit him on the head with sticks and hit Ramsharan on the left arm while the other attackers threw bricks and stones. The police arrested the attackers. Those who will appear in court on Monday and will be sent to prison.

What does the police chief say?

Police station president Anoop Kumar said the team led by Sub-Inspector Dilbag Singh Dhul caught three attackers including Monu and Vikas aka Vicky and Ramsharan, the main suspects who attacked the Kabadi Purnchand store on Sunday. From whom sticks and sticks and 1500 rupees were recovered. Police are also attempting to arrest the other six other suspects.

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