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People keep dogs without permission, the administration made this decision

Stray dogs roaming free in Yamuna Nagar causing havoc.

Stray dogs roaming free in Yamuna Nagar causing havoc.

Bhagwan Singh Rana / Yamunanagar.The fashion of keeping domestic dogs is increasing day by day. What is special, however, is that most people in the district keep dogs without permission. Including dangerous dog breeds. However, Section 311 of the Haryana Municipal Corporation Act 1994 requires pet dogs to be registered. At the same time, there is no concrete plan by the administration to control the increasing number of stray dogs in urban and rural areas. The reason for this are the residents of the district. The special thing is that the administration has no data on how many street dogs are running around in the district and how many dogs are domesticated.

According to Animal Husbandry Department sources, whether a dog is a pet or a stray, if it bites someone, then that person can get a disease like rabies. For its prevention, it can be fatal if the anti-rabies injection is not given on time. According to him, dogs need rabies injections from time to time. Therefore, if he accidentally bites someone, diseases such as rabies can be avoided. The special thing is that it can be described as negligence or ignorance that there is no such office in the district in which any data from domestic and street dogs was recorded.

These are the rules for owning a pet dog

According to company sources, Section 311 of the Haryana Municipal Corporation Act of 1994 first requires pet dogs to be registered with the municipal corporation. Its registration fee is five hundred rupees. At the same time, a fine of five hundred rupees is provided for if registration is not carried out. Apart from that, when walking the dog, you cannot defecate outdoors, it is necessary to get vaccinations from time to time and to put a leash around the neck and not leave it open.

The Municipal Corporation will launch a campaign to sterilize stray dogs

Mayor Madan Chauhan said that a meeting of the Yamuna Nagar House Municipal Corporation was held recently. In which a proposal was passed to issue a tender of Rs 20 lakh for the sterilization of dogs for each department of the company territory. This proposal will be sent to the Ministry of Urban Local Authorities, Haryana, for approval. If approved, the offers will be allocated.

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