Peasants’ movement: Makeshift prisons built in Fatehabad and Tohana, nails laid on roads and pits dug


Peasants’ movement: Makeshift prisons built in Fatehabad and Tohana, nails laid on roads and pits dug

Fatehabad. Following the announcement of a farmers’ march to Delhi on February 13, the government has set up makeshift prisons in Fatehabad and Tohana. To prevent the farmers of Punjab from entering Haryana and going to Delhi, the district administration has sealed the entire area bordering Punjab. Police used cranes to lift huge concrete pillars at Myond Kalan outpost and Bhakra Bridge and placed them in the middle of the roads. Bags filled with earth have been placed along these pillars to create a strong barrier so that tractors and other vehicles belonging to farmers cannot cross the roads. In addition, sharp nails were planted in the road near Bhakra Bridge on the Kulan-Jakhal main road to prevent the farmers from forcibly entering Fatehabad district during their march to Delhi. Since Jakhal lies on the border with Punjab, the police are holding a special vigil here. Police have taken strict precautions to stop the farmers. Heavy police force was deployed along with CRPF personnel. On Sunday morning, under the leadership of Deputy Superintendent of Police Tohana, Bhakra Bridge at Myond Police Post was completely cordoned off with solid barricades. Farmers should not be able to enter Fatehabad district from Punjab via Sardulgarh. For this purpose, the administration has dug a deep pit in the road at Hanspur border and also laid barbed wires on the roads.

Temporary Jail in Tohana, Fatehabad

Police have decided to convert Tohana Community Center and Fatehabad Police Lines into makeshift jails to respond to emergencies. In addition, orders have also been issued to reserve wards in Tohana, Fatehabad and Ratia government hospitals in the district. Main road blocked, people traveling via other routes. Due to blockage of Jakhal-Bhuna main road, small vehicles coming and going will not have any problem. In light of this, the police administration has deployed and inspected police officers and drivers are being allowed to travel on other routes. The road connecting Fatehabad district headquarters must now pass through the villages so that the common man can successfully reach his destination.

United Kisan Morcha will not take part in the Delhi march

United Kisan Morcha’s Fatehabad district chief Jagtar Singh said that he will not participate in the Delhi march on February 13, whereas he will take part in the Bharat Bandh being organized on February 16 on the call of United Kisan Morcha. During the Bharat Bandh, farmers will continue to fight for the passage of an MSP law and farmers’ pension.

The police are keeping an eye on social media

Fatehabad Police is also monitoring security arrangements and social media so that no false post spoils the atmosphere in the district. In addition, the police are also keeping an eye on the farmer leaders. When we tried to speak to the police about this, they refused to speak to the media about the matter.

A deep pit was dug on the Ratia-Buhlada road, which was closed by barricades

In view of the farmers’ march to Delhi on February 13 in Ratia, police on Sunday dug an 8-foot-deep pit across the Sem Nalla bridge on the main Ratia-Budlhara Punjab road and barricaded it after installing barbed wire around it Wired and the Haryana-Punjab road closed by concreting. A warning board was also put up for the farmers under the blockade, giving instructions to take strict action against those who break the blockade. In addition, a blockade was also carried out near Brahmanwala police post. Following this action by the police, the Punjab road towards Ratia-Budlara was completely closed. To reach Punjab, people now have to take connecting roads from neighboring villages. Deputy Commissioner of Police Virendra Singh inspected all villages bordering Punjab and in view of the February 13 unrest, orders were also given to close all roads leading to Punjab till Tuesday. Police have already placed cement concrete blocks near Brahmanwala village. Police have also prepared sharp weapons to stop the farmers. Police have deployed heavy police forces, including riot control vehicles, to the site.

State government threatens farmers: Malwala

Jarnail Singh Malwala, state president of the Bharatiya Kisan Union Kheti Bachao in Ratia, accused the state government of oppressing and threatening the farmers of the region and said that the district police were going from village to village to their houses to stop the farmers I have been marching to Delhi for two days. She threatens me not to go. The farmers of his organization will march to Delhi under any circumstances and are not afraid of these threats from the police administration. He said that his organization had supported the Delhi March on February 13, full preparations for the same had been made by his organization and whichever group of farmers from Punjab would cross the city’s Fatehabad Road on February 13, they would be close stop by Ajitsar Gurudwara. We will march to Delhi by “winning” the group of these farmers.

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