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Now farmers and shopkeepers don’t have to go far to buy and sell fruits and vegetables

Photo of fruit and veg shops in Julana’s new grain market.

Photo of fruit and veg shops in Julana’s new grain market.

Julia: The years of waiting for the farmers and shopkeepers in the Julana area will soon be over. The fruit and vegetable market starts on January 27th in the new grain market in Julana. MLA Amarjit Dhanda will open the fruit and vegetable market. Now the farmers and shopkeepers of the Julana region no longer have to go to Jind, Rohtak, Gohana and Delhi to buy fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables will only be available to the public at wholesale prices at Julana Mandi. This will also provide employment for many people.

In August 2021, the market committee had held an e-auction for the vegetable and fruit market at Julana’s new grain market on Jind-Rohtak National Road. In this online tender, three shops were initially allocated, named Satish Kumar from Shamlo Kalan Village, Rakesh Kumar from Garhwal Village and Surendra from Mehrada Village. After the shops had been paid for in full, construction work on the shops began. Now the shops are completely finished. Two shops were also allocated in the subsequent e-auction.

Now the fruit and vegetable market starts from January 27th. After the market opens, farmers can save their crops at the market. Shopkeepers used to go to Jind, Rohtak, Gohana, Meham and Delhi to buy fruits and vegetables, now this facility will also be available for them from here. For years, the people of the Julana region have been demanding a vegetable and fruit market in Julana. The farmer used to grow vegetables and fruits in his field, so he had to fight to sell this crop. Had to walk several kilometers to sell his crops. Now Julana’s farmers don’t have to move around to sell their crops.

Now the area for vegetables and fruit in the Julana area will increase

The area for vegetables and fruit in the Julana area is very small. The reason for this was that there was no market nearby for the farmers to sell their crops. Had to travel many miles and sell the crops by paying rent. Shopkeepers used to walk several kilometers in the freezing cold and fog to get fruit and vegetables early in the morning. Now, with the opening of the fruit and vegetable market in Julana, farmers will grow fruit and vegetables and its area will be larger. Vegetable cultivation will bring more income to farmers compared to rice and wheat.

The street vendors and shopkeepers bring fruit and veg from outside Julana, then the challan is pulled off

After the opening of the Julana fruit and vegetable market, if a shopkeeper or street vendor brings vegetables and fruit from Jind, Rohtak, Gohana or outside, his challan will be deducted by the officials and clerks of the market committee and the fees of the market committee will be charged. Now shopkeepers and street vendors can only buy fruit and veg at Julana’s Market at wholesale prices.

Fruit and vegetable shops ready: Suresh Khokhar

Julana Market Committee Secretary Suresh Khokhar said that fruit and vegetable shops have been built at gate number one of Julana’s new grain market. The fruit and vegetable market starts on January 27th. Now farmers can bring their vegetables and fruits to the market and sell them. All facilities are made available to farmers and shopkeepers in the market. There are full provisions for water and toilets and electricity. Farmers don’t have to go anywhere to sell their crops.

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