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Not good for operators who don’t give tickets: the Department for Transport has issued a WhatsApp number for passengers

Rohtak . For the convenience of the passengers, a WhatsApp number has been assigned by the transport department. If a conductor does not issue a ticket after taking the ticket amount, the passenger can complain against him on WhatsApp. In addition, complaints can also be submitted by making videos or sending messages to the number provided. This step was taken by the Department of Transport to curb corruption.

The state government has a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption. As a good initiative in this direction, the public interest WhatsApp number was issued by the Ministry of Transport’s Rohtak depot. It often happens that the ticket amount is deducted from the passengers traveling on the bus, but the ticket is not issued by the operator. Passengers can now notify Transportation Department officials of such operators by recording a video or by sending their message to WhatsApp number 82784-56000. Any such complaints will be dealt with promptly by the control post set up on the premises of the local bus station. Depot General Manager Bharat Bhushan Gogia urged passengers to cooperate in the fight against corruption by making this Transportation Department initiative a success. The depot’s information office can also be reached on the telephone numbers 01262-276641 and 01262-276000.

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