Newborn girl stolen from Hisar Civil Hospital, thief caught on CCTV, police take part in search


Newborn girl stolen from Hisar Civil Hospital, thief caught on CCTV, police take part in search

Newborn stolen in Hisar: A case of theft of a newborn girl has come to light at Hisar Civil Hospital in Haryana. In fact, the woman took the excuse of feeding the child from the mother and fled the ward with the child without being seen by anyone. When the girl’s family found out about this, there was an uproar in the hospital. Information about the matter was shared with the police. After this, DSP Satpal Yadav and city police station SHO reached the hospital. He interrogated the family members and the staff at the station. When officers checked the surveillance cameras installed at the hospital, the woman was seen leaving the hospital with the child. After seeing the CCTV footage, police began searching for the woman. Police said a team has been formed to nab the woman and surveillance operations are being carried out at the railway station, bus stand and other places.

The wine condition of the family members is poor

According to the information, the victim’s name is Gulista. She lives in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. She works in a brick kiln in Hisar. He was hospitalized last Monday. Where she gave birth to a baby girl at night. On Tuesday afternoon a woman was in the maternity ward. He asked a woman in the room to feed the child, but she refused. Gulista said that the woman came to her afterwards and asked to feed the child. Gulista gave it to the girl. After that, Gulista didn’t know when the woman disappeared with the child. When after some time both the woman and the child were no longer seen, she informed the staff at the ward. In the meantime the family members also arrived. News of the girl’s theft spread quickly. The staff working at the hospital is also surprised. At the same time, the girl’s mother is in a bad state and is crying.

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Incidents of this kind have happened before

We tell you that this is not the first incident of child theft from a hospital in Haryana. In fact, this type of incident has happened before. In September last year, an incident of child theft was reported from Badshah Khan Hospital in Faridabad. Where a woman posing as a hospital staff sent the child’s mother and mother-in-law to the toilet to change and ran away with the child. CCTV footage of this case has also been released. When the child was stolen from the hospital, the family members caused an uproar.

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