Narnol: Electricity minister has suspended JE, there will be vigilance probe, Veerangana said, death was not registered even after wandering for two months


Narnol: Electricity minister has suspended JE, there will be vigilance probe, Veerangana said, death was not registered even after wandering for two months

Narnaul. Electricity Minister Ranjit Singh suspended JE Dalip from the Electricity Corporation over numerous complaints against him for not completing the work of the common people on time and misbehaving towards the common people. A vigilance investigation was also ordered. The Electricity Minister clarified the complaints in the monthly meeting of the District Public Contact and Public Complaints Committee at Panchayat Bhawan on Monday. At this meeting, 17 previously scheduled cases were retained for hearing, of which 13 cases were disposed of on the spot, while guidelines were issued to investigate and dispose of the remaining four cases as quickly as possible. Deputy Commissioner Monica Gupta and other officials and committee members were also present on the occasion.

Investigation into non-payment of dues paid to members

The first complaint raised at the monthly meeting was related to Kakrala village. The issue was that the Gram Panchayat had dug the ponds using tractors/machines around ten years ago and the payment was pending. Officials said that the use of the machine is prohibited under MNREGA and no payment can be made for it. For this reason, this matter remained pending. However, two members of the Complaints Committee were commissioned.

Forest department officials are involved in the stomach collection

Santlal, a resident of Duloth Ahir village affiliated with the forest department, was described by the officials as being involved in felling of trees. The next case involved the Data Entry Operator of the Forest Department, whose investigation was presented to the ADC in the last meeting but the case remained pending due to his transfer before this meeting. A complaint came from the health department, but the complainant did not arrive at the time it was filed. There was also a complaint regarding road construction in Banyal village. Six feet of the 20-foot path was found to be compromised, hindering road construction. The dispute was resolved when an agreement was reached to lift the intervention. Following daughter Sunita’s complaint about the dispute with her in-laws, investigating officer DSP Mahendragarh was transferred and the investigation was handed over to the new DSP. In this case, the victim also accused the police of pressuring and slapping her.

Private schools do not issue certificates of experience

Dewa’s victim Omprakash had an argument with the police but he did not show up. The complaint filed by Manisha of Mohalla Khatikan of Mahendragarh alleged that Bharti Public School Kultajpur did not pay salary, did not provide experience certificate and failed to provide passbook. However, after the matter was referred to the Complaints Committee, their issue was resolved. The second case was also from Kultajpur in which the complainant Ravidutt alleged that Anand Mehta did not provide him with electricity connection and he was facing livelihood problems. Anand Mehta also presented his side. After hearing the case, the Electricity Minister announced the decision to evict the complainant from the panchayat land and not provide electricity connection. Beri K Rajsingh’s complaint related to the Electricity Corporation, a department of the minister, which involved transfer of connections. There was excess electricity that was distributed to the slabs.

The House was mortified when martyr Veerangana was not sentenced to death

While the Electricity Minister was listening to the family, a complaint was filed from Bihali village Ateli tehsil in which the victim Shashikala said she was the martyr’s widow but the rounds have been going on for many months and the death is not finished. The Tehsildar then appeared and informed that the strike of patwaris was continuing till now. He returned to duty today on Monday and today he came here only after registering his death in the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, former chairman Gobind Bhardwaj stood up and strongly objected, saying it was shameful if something like this happened to the martyrs’ families. The minister then strongly reprimanded the officials and advised them not to let this happen again.

Embezzlement case filed in Mahendragarh Gaushala

Sitaram from Kayampura had a direct allegation that embezzlement was being committed in Mahendragarh Gaushala. RTI is also not administered properly. The funds are embezzled under the guise of the wedding palace and Rasgulla shop built there. The minister then commissioned the registrar to conduct the elections. Gaushala elections will be held in a month.

NP leader Kamlesh Saini complained about JE

When the Electricity Corporation’s complaint was heard, Municipal Council Chairman Kamlesh Saini, as a non-complainant, complained about JE Dalip Singh of the Electricity Corporation and said that the connection would not be repaired for a week and the JE was the answer and the way forward talking is not good either. The minister then called JE Dalip Singh but he was not present. After waiting for some time and the JE appeared before him with folded hands, he was immediately ordered to suspend him and conduct a vigilance investigation. The members of the Complaints Committee applauded this and appreciated the minister’s strict consideration. On the other hand, JE Dalip denied the allegation and said he went out to catch electricity theft. Thefts were also discovered at three locations. When she is not released at her request, she complains. He always does his duty according to the rules and does not do anything wrong.

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