Narnaul: When illegal liquor was caught, there was an argument between former MLA and SHO of Kanina City, the audio went viral.


Narnaul: When illegal liquor was caught, there was an argument between former MLA and SHO of Kanina City, the audio went viral.

Narnaul: Police have seized five cases of illegal liquor from Kanina area. A case has been opened against the driver of the vehicle that contained this alcohol. Police obtained the contract from which the driver said he brought the illegal alcohol and asked the contract’s accountant to join the investigation and provide CCTV footage. Former MLA Rao Bahadur Singh spoke to Kanina City SHO over phone regarding the matter. The conversation turned into an argument and the audio went viral on social media. Later, the former MLA released the video and made serious allegations against the SHO. However, after this entire incident, the SP has ordered an investigation. The investigation of this case was handed over to the Kanina Special Staff.

Former MLA accused SHO of bribery

A video of former MP Rao Bahadur Singh went viral in which he said that it is very unfortunate that even though Anil Vij is the home minister of the state, some officials in Mahendragarh district are still indulging in corruption. He is talking about Kanina City SHO. This SHO committed a huge robbery. Today some contractors came and said that the responsible city is taking several hundred rupees from us and is also filing lawsuits. When he heard this, he was surprised that southern Haryana was considered so weak. The officials don’t hesitate to accept the money. The one who is not at fault should be included in 120B. The way such people work to extort money. First, he thanks ministers like Home Minister Anil Vij who investigated and suspended such officials. He demanded that the SP take action against the responsible city.

This complaint has been filed

FIR number four was registered at Kanina City police station on January 5. In it, PSI Varsha told that she was present at Kosli T point with EHC Satyanarayana. It was reported that a white Bolero vehicle was used to transport illicit liquor from a contract in Karoli village. Since the information was true, a blockade was imposed there. When the vehicle arrived, it was stopped. The driver of the vehicle revealed his name as Pradeep Vasi Mandola Satnali. When the car was checked, five boxes were found stored under the middle seat. Inside were a total of 48 bottles of local brand NV Lush Orange. 11 bottles of the English brand Royal Tag were recovered in a box. When the driver was asked for a driver’s license and permit, he was unable to provide them. In this case, the police have registered a case against the driver Pradeep under the Liquor Act.

Police side: Attempt to create debate and pressure, Kanina special staff will investigate

An audio went viral on social media accusing the in-charge Kanina police station of accepting bribes. In this regard, police spokesperson Sumit Kumar said that the police team of Kanina police station recovered illegal liquor from the Bolero vehicle on January 5. Subsequently, a case was registered and action was taken in the matter. The arrested accused Pradeep Vasi Mandola Satnali was interrogated. He told that he had brought this illegal liquor from Karoli liquor store. Late on Monday evening, a call was received at the relevant police station in Kanina in which the front spokesman argued about the case and tried to put pressure on him. The person also filed a report against the responsible police station. Police Commissioner Nitish Aggarwal has taken cognizance of the matter and handed over the investigation into the illegal liquor case to the Kanina Special Branch and given directions to investigate the allegations leveled against the station concerned. The matter will be investigated impartially.

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