Narnaul: Not on site, but on paper, XEN did not participate in the investigation even after three notifications.


Narnaul: Not on site, but on paper, XEN did not participate in the investigation even after three notifications.

Mechanical cleaning of drains. File photo

Mechanical cleaning of drains. File photo

Narnaul: The city administration has prepared a list of 74 drains in the city and issued a tender to the authority for cleaning them. When we examined the ground, we found about ten places where there was no drainage. When councilors raised questions about cleanliness, the chairman called for an investigation by the DC. The investigation was handed over to the SDM. Statements from city councilors and the authority were taken during the investigation. The drains were also checked. Notices were subsequently sent to XEN twice to give the council’s side of the investigation. I sent it to JE on both dates. Even after the third cancellation, XEN did not appear. Now SDM’s investigation report is in its final stages. Only when the investigation report is available will it become clear who is guilty of drain cleaning in this matter.

According to the information, the local council has issued two separate tenders for cleaning drains in the city. The tender covered districts No. 1 to 15 and the second tender covered districts No. 16 to 31. Both tenders are being handled by Narnaul Sarvodaya Co. L & C Security Ltd. delivered. Names of Narnaul were given. This tender was issued for Rs 16 lakh 13 thousand 677 between districts 1 to 15 and the tender for cleaning in districts 16 to 31 was issued for Rs 16 lakh 66 thousand 605. In both tenders, the cleaning of drains at 74 locations in all districts of the city was shown. On June 8, 2023, the local council issued the authority with the allocation notice for cleaning these drains. It was instructed that payment would be made upon submission of the engineer’s report and photographs showing all stages of execution. Ensures that no debris/material is dumped on/to the sides during and after completion of work. Lifting is your responsibility. A deposit of 10 percent is refunded after one year. In this way, the city council handed over two allocation notices to the agency.

NP gave the agency the list in which there is no drain on the ground

After the tender, the agency began its work. Meanwhile, some councilors raised questions about the drains listed in the tender, saying there was no drain in the list of drains shown. When the authority asked them to clean some drains, the councilors refused. Due to this, Sanjay Kumar of ward number 1, Atar Singh of 3, councilor Rekha Saini of 18, Ravindra Singh Bhankhar of 21, Ajay Singhal of 25, Kanshiram Saini of 26 and Neelam Bhankhar of 29 complained to chairman Kamlesh Saini. These complaints stated that the drains were not properly cleaned and there were no drains at the location specified in the tender. In such a case, the matter should be investigated. Based on these complaints from the councilors, the chairman asked the deputy commissioner to investigate the matter.

The investigation was handed over to SDM and most councilors were satisfied with the drain cleaning

Deputy Commissioner Monica Gupta sent a letter to SDM Manoj Kumar on August 2 and appointed the investigating officer in the case. The Chief Engineer of Narnaul Irrigation Department and Accountant of Narnaul CMO Office have also been appointed as members of this inquiry committee. During the investigation, the SDM sent a letter to the EO on October 11, writing that the names of the 70 drains that were cleaned by the authority and the names of the 40 plates that were preserved should be communicated to the councilors in letter . Please be present in the office on October 17th. In this letter it was mentioned that the station number has discrepancies in the statement. There are three, seven and 18. Those whose objection/no objection report has not been filed are the districts one, five, 15, 16, 19, 22, 25, 26, 27, 29. Signed after this order 24 out of 30 city councilors wrote a letter expressing their satisfaction with the agency’s work and handed it over to the city administration. Afterwards, most of the city councilors appeared one after the other before the SDM and presented their written statements. Sources show that about 25 out of 30 city councilors have expressed satisfaction with the agency’s work.

Question: Who is behind this list of councils where there is no drain?

Of the list of 74 drains that the local council submitted to the authority for cleaning, around 10 places have no drains at all. The city council handed this list over to the agency. Now the question arises: Which city council official is behind this? What was the intention behind this list? This is a matter of investigation. Secondly, if the agency claims that it is cleaning even though there is no drain on the floor and has charged money for it, then it will also end up in the dock. SDM is investigating this matter. Sources say that the council’s XEN was called twice by the SDM office to present his side on behalf of the council, but both times JE was present in place of the XEN. Finally, last week, a third notice was issued on behalf of XEN, asking it to appear at the SDM office within a week and submit its response. Sources say that date was November 3rd. Even that day, XEN did not respond after reaching the SDM office. The investigation report on the case is expected to be completed and submitted to the SDM deputy commissioner in the next few days. When XEN wanted to know Sundar Sheoran’s side in this regard, his number was switched off in the evening.

What does SDM say?

When we spoke to SDM Manoj Kumar in this regard, he said that the stand of the councilors has been taken in writing. Some of the city councilors who had previously complained were now satisfied with the agency’s work. In the list of 74 drains submitted to the authority, there are some places where there is no drain on site. The agency’s website was also taken over. I was also there and took a look. On behalf of the city council, XEN was also asked three times to present his side, but he did not come. He will prepare the final inquiry report by next week and submit it to the deputy commissioner.

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