Nails on Hanspur border, barbed wire on barricades on Tikri border, cement blocks on Shambhu, Datasingh and Haldana borders.


Nails on Hanspur border, barbed wire on barricades on Tikri border, cement blocks on Shambhu, Datasingh and Haldana borders.

Peasant movement.As the March 13 date for Punjab’s farmers to Delhi approaches, the state government and administration have gone on alert. To prevent farmers from entering Haryana, spikes were placed on the road at Hanspur border in Fatehabad. Barricades with barbed wire were erected at Bahadurgarh’s Tikri border, which became a focal point of the 2020-2021 movement. Datasinghwala of Jind, Tatiana of Kaithal and Shambhu border of Ambala on the Punjab border were also closed through limited blockades and barricades. Section 144 has been imposed in 12 districts of the state and internet service has been shut down in seven districts till February 13. 13 paramilitary companies have been deployed in various districts of the state including Fatehabad, Sirsa, Jind, Kaithal, Ambala, Rohtak and Sonipat.

The state’s farmers could face bigger problems

The government has made extensive preparations to stop the farmers of Punjab at the border, but the farmers of Haryana, who have been preparing to march to Delhi, may add to the government’s problems. To counter this, the government and administration are talking to farmers and various organizations so that the law and order situation can be maintained in the state.

NH 148 dug with JCB, nails laid on the road

To stop farmers from coming from Punjab in Fatehabad, NH 148 was demolished along with JCB in Tohana. The roads from Brahmanwala in Ratia to Sem Nalla near Rojhanwali have been completely blocked with seven-layer barricades. At the Punjab border of Hanspur village here, the police have placed cement blocks and spread a nail plate. Tohana Hisar Road near HP Petrol Pump and roads leading to Maniyana have been sealed. Apart from installing concrete blocks and barricades, containers were also placed near the city park on Hisar Road. In Jakhal, paramilitary forces were deployed by setting up checkpoints at Kadail Barrier, Busstand Barrier, Balran Road, Kulariya Barrier and Chandpura Barrier.

Wire fence installed on barricades

To stop the Tikri border in Bahadurgarh, wire fences were installed on the barricades. The Tikri border also emerged as a flashpoint for farmers in the 2020-2021 farmers’ movement. Keeping this in mind, this time the state government and local administration have started preparations in advance to avoid any unpleasant situations during the farmers’ march to Delhi.

Police security has been increased at the Haldana border

In Sonipat, the government has tightened security arrangements by setting up a cement block on the Haldana border. The government has set up large, limited blocks on the Delhi border. The Delhi Police has also made preparations to prevent the entry of farmers into Delhi by setting up barricades using paramilitary forces. /> Road blocked near Tatyana, Kaithal. Police have blocked the road near Tatiana village on the Punjab border in Kaithal. In addition to rerouting routes, security measures have been tightened on routes adjacent to the border and limited barriers and barricades have also been installed. However, the news that farmers from Haryana marched towards Delhi with tractors in villages bordering Punjab has increased the government’s concerns.

Datasinghwala border seal

In view of farmers’ call to march to Delhi in Jind, the border with Punjab was sealed. Police and paramilitary forces were deployed at the border and barricades and limited barriers were set up. Security arrangements have also been tightened on other small routes and routes from Punjab to Haryana.

Ghaggar was excavated and the border with Shambhu was sealed

To stop the farmers of Punjab in Ambala, the government dug up the Ghaggar river. The Shambhu border has been completely sealed with the deployment of large numbers of police and paramilitary forces.

Tukar border seal from Patiala

In Kurukshetra, the government has sealed the Tukar border with Patiala in Punjab. All other roads leading to Haryana and Punjab were also closed. People are urged to cooperate in maintaining law and order and those spreading unrest are warned to take action.

Road routes of Punjab closed

In Sirsa district, all roads have been closed and five companies of paramilitary forces and district police have been deployed around the Punjab border in Sirsa and Dabwali. Internet service was stopped by the introduction of Section 144. They not only warned of action against those who disobey the order but also called for cooperation in maintaining law and order.

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