Nafe Singh murder case: The interrogation of gangster Amit continues, the accused discusses how two gunmen contacted Nandu via the Signal app.


Nafe Singh murder case: The interrogation of gangster Amit continues, the accused discusses how two gunmen contacted Nandu via the Signal app.

Bahadurgarh: There is a possibility that Amit Gulia, a criminal close to gangster Kapil Sangwan alias Nandu, will get a role in the Nafe Singh murder case. It is being discussed that Amit himself arranged for two shooters in the murder case and put them in touch with Nandu, who was hiding in the UK, through the Signal app. However, the police have not yet confirmed this. Amit’s interrogation is currently underway. During the interrogation, a few other important facts about the murder are likely to come to light. In such a situation, it remains to be seen when the police will be able to resolve the entire matter.

The incident occurred on February 25th

On February 25, former MP Nafe Singh Rathi and his colleague Jaikishan were shot dead. Four miscreants who came in a car had committed this incident. Of these, two shooters, Ashish and Saurav, were arrested by the Goa police and sent to jail. Criminal Dharmendra, who provided vehicles to the shooters, was also sent to jail. More than a month has passed since the murder, but only three arrests have been made in the case. There is no trace of the fleeing shooters Atul and Nakul. None of the twelve named defendants have been arrested yet.

The name of the Nandu gang in the incident

The name of UK-based gangster Kapil Sangwan alias Nandu crops up in this murder case from the beginning. The three fugitives caught in the case, Atul and Nakul, also belong to this gang. Nandu’s elder brother Jyoti Baba is lodged in Tihar Jail in Delhi while many of his close associates are lodged in Mandoli Jail. That’s why the police constantly kept an eye on her. There are also rumors that a plan to murder Nafe Singh was hatched in the prison itself. As the investigation into the case continued, another name came to light. This is the name of Amit Gulia, who was close to gangster Nandu. He is currently lodged in Mandoli Jail.

arranged for two shooters

The police hoped that by interrogating this gangster, clues could be found in the case. Therefore, on April 1 last year, the police presented him with an arrest warrant and took him into custody for eight days. The investigation is currently taking four days. Amit Gulia lives in Ladpur village near Badli. The 29-year-old criminal is said to have 30 criminal cases registered against him, including murder, robbery and fraud. According to available information, Amit also played an important role in this murder. It was he who arranged two shooters named Ashish and Saurav. Ashish and Saurav received the message to download the Signal app. Brother (Nandu) will contact you. However, the real truth will come to light only after confirmation by the police.

Mastermind could not be revealed

The police have not yet officially confirmed what Amit revealed in the case. However, there are still four more days of his detention remaining. The SIT and other officials constituted for the investigation are continuously engaged in the investigation. It remains to be seen what the police can make of this situation. However, even after more than a month, the reason for this incident and the conspirators have not been revealed. Family and supporters are waiting for justice. INLD chief Abhay Chautala has also issued a warning and given a deadline of a week. On the other hand, officials keep saying that the incident will be solved soon.

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