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Murder in Rohtak: Witness, son shot dead in father’s murder, dies after 4 days in PGI

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CHC operator Dalbir, injured by gunfire in Retauli village, died after four days in PGI. The young man was a witness in his father’s case. He had not yet testified in court. Angered by the incident, villagers reached the secretariat on Saturday to meet SP Uday Singh Meena. Villagers warned that if the accused were not arrested in time, they would block them. The SP has promised appropriate measures. The of the young man has once again increased the tension in the village.

According to the case, Dalbir resident Ritauli said in the complaint to the police that he set up a CSC center himself in the village. He has two brothers and two sisters. Both brothers are unmarried. On the night of November 14, after dinner, he had slept in the Chaubare. Mother and younger brother slept downstairs. After that, during the night, someone attacked him with a gun near his left ear. As a result, he was injured even more and passed out. It is feared that someone shot him. When his brother Vinod came to Chobare in the morning, he saw him in an injured condition. After that it was admitted to the PGI. He was released from there on Friday but died around 9 p.m. The police then conducted an autopsy on the body. Entrails are sent for examination. It is not yet clear whether he was shot or injured by a blow from a lathi pole. After hearing the news of Dalbir’s death, Satgama Pradhan Shripal Baland, Phulkunwar, Parashram Nambardar, Sudhana Sarpanch Dalel and other villagers reached the SP office in Dhaka. Where he put his demands before SP Uday Singh Meena. The villagers clearly said that if the defendants in the case are not arrested soon, they will not stop blocking them. He also called for increased security in the village. He said that the police stationed in the village did not check anyone. There are always cases in the village. The gang war should be stopped immediately. The SP has promised appropriate measures.

questions about doctors

Relatives say Dalbir’s condition was worse. He wasn’t treated properly. He was asked to go home himself in the afternoon, but he died at nine o’clock at night. If his condition was so bad, why was he asked to be taken home?

Father was killed on March 2, 2022

A bloody game is taking place in the village on two sides. On March 2, Rohit had come from the village to deposit the money himself at Dalbir’s CSC center in the village. In the meantime, many young people have come from the other side on bicycles. The defendant insulted Rohit who was sitting there. After the shooting, the accused ran away from there. Hearing the commotion, Dalbir’s 60-year-old father, Rajendra, came from the front and tried to grab the accused. Rajendra was shot dead in the process. The hostility in the village had increased further as a result of the double murder.

The bus owner was shot dead on March 7th

Hansraj was an alcohol supplier and bus owner. He used to ride the bus on Dubaldhan on the Retauli-Rohtak route. At around 6 a.m. on March 7, he took the bus and drove the first lap himself. He was only a few steps from the house when several attackers got on the bus and started shooting. The accused fled after firing multiple bullets at Hansraj. He had died on the spot.

Tensions in the village, the outpost had to be opened

There is a lot of tension in the village between the two sides. Because of this, many fights and three people were killed. Khap Panchayats had been calling for peace by meeting both parties in the village for several days. Meanwhile, in view of the tensions, Rohtak SP had set up a police post in the village and also had a special blockade carried out. Now, after Dalbir’s death, the tension is back.

Himanshu flees

The name Himanshu aka Bhau came to the fore in the Hansraj murder case. Since then he has been on the run. Police recently learned that he had fled abroad after getting a passport from another address. When he received information about this, a case against him was registered at the Shivaji Colony Police Station. Himanshu has registered other cases against Rohtak, including murder in Jhajjar. The police were looking for him there. There is also a reward of around one lakh rupees on the accused.

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