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MP Deepender Hooda said: Chief Minister Khattar and the BJP President are misleading Haryana on the IIT issue

Regarding the government’s allegations to the IIT, MP Deepender Hooda said that the premier and the BJP head of state are misleading the state on the issue. He said as the only elected member of the Council of IITs by the Indian Parliament, it was on his initiative that two IIT Delhi “Centers of Excellence” in were approved at the 43rd IIT Advisory Board Session on November 1, 2011. One of them was proposed in Badsa, Jhajjar and the other in Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat. On October 24, 2013, ’s Technical Education Department also ordered the transfer of 50 acres of land to IIT Delhi. The groundbreaking ceremony for both campuses was held on December 21, 2013 in the presence of Deepender Hooda, the only elected member of the IIT Council and Member of Parliament of India, and former Chief Minister Ch. Bhupendra Hooda was chaired by then Minister of Human Resources Development Pallam Raju. But even after 8 years, the BJP government could not even install a new brick on Badhsa IIT Delhi campus. He said he is constantly trying to complete his work at all levels. On April 6, 2018, he met the then Minister of State of the Union for Personnel Development, Dr. Satyapal Singh, personally and asked him to finish the IIT work expeditiously. Union Minister Satya Pal Singh wrote on July 17, 2018 that the land had not yet been handed over to IIT Delhi by the , which is why work could not begin.

He said the BJP government is attacking the interests of youth. First, because of his political weaknesses, major projects were shelved. Now, to plunder the credit, the government is talking about approving the already approved IIT Delhi “centre of excellence” in Badhsa. While his government has deadlocked its work for the past 8+ years. At the same time, BJP State President Om Prakash Dhankhar thanks the Prime Minister for this misleading announcement, calling it a great gift. From this it is clear that the BJP government presents its failure as its achievement.

MP Dipendra said the state’s BJP government had proved completely ineffective. It not only shelved the proposed IIT Center of Excellence in Badsa, but also dozens of major projects approved by us due to political weakness, such as Manethi AIIMS, remaining 10 approved institutions of Badsa AIIMS-2 campus, Rail Coach Factory, Meham International airport, RRTS project, etc. were either sent to other states or work was stopped. He said it was his dream that Haryana would be known as an educational center on the world map in terms of higher education. With this in mind, even after hard work, he paved the way for the opening of the IIT, the most prestigious technical and engineering institute in the country, on behalf of the youth of Haryana. Aside from the IIT here, he received accreditation for 11 other major institutions including IIM, NCI on the AIIMS-2 campus. IIT Delhi’s R&D center has also been proposed on 125 acres of land at Badsa in Jhajjar. In addition to the NCI, a total of 10 other institutes of national importance are to be built on the Badsa-AIIMS-2 campus itself, which is why there is a lot of trouble in the area due to non-completion. MP Dipendra said that this project was the most ambitious project of his political life and that he was emotionally attached to it.

Mocking the common sense of the people who sit in the state’s BJP government, Hooda said that the chief minister goes to Rohtak and says that there is not a single IIM in the state, he will try to get Haryana an IIM provide. While at that time 2 batches of IIM had already passed. Even the Chief Minister himself was unaware that IIMs existed in the state until 2 batches of IIMs passed out.

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