Monitoring: Committees will keep an eye on expenditure, MLAs should not disclose their personal work, senior officials should be present.


Monitoring: committees will keep an eye on expenditure, mlas should not disclose their personal work, senior officials should be present. - news2news. In

Legislative Committees News:Legislative Assembly committees will keep a close watch on the Haryana government’s expenditure in the financial year 2024-25. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Gyan Chand Gupta gave these instructions at a meeting with chairmen and officials of all committees in Chandigarh on Tuesday. The Assembly Speaker said that the legislature is the most important of the three pillars of the democratic system. Therefore, it is the primary responsibility of the legislature to eliminate the public’s problems and ensure the proper use of public resources. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Speaker of the Assembly meets with the committee chairs and prepares an action plan for the year. At Tuesday’s meeting, after consultation with committee chairmen and officials, he fixed the day and time of the weekly meetings.
Committees are a miniature version of the House of Representatives
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Gyan Chand Gupta said that the committees of the Legislative Assembly are a miniature form of the House of Representatives and therefore government officials should take these committees seriously. Only the administrative secretaries of the ministries are responsible to the committees. In this regard, a letter was also written to the General Secretary of the State Government on behalf of the Secretariat of the Legislative Assembly. Further, he said that no MLA would be allowed to share personal works with the officials attending the meetings. Committee visits should not be for sightseeing but for study and understanding of the intricacies of how things work.
Make a detailed plan before the trip
For this purpose, detailed planning should be carried out and meetings with relevant committees should be ensured before visiting a state. He directed that a detailed report should be prepared in this regard after the study tour. He should ensure that only the MLAs who attend the meetings are present and ensure that the MLAs receive the information about the meeting well in advance through emails, messages and phone calls.

There should be accountability to the public

He also explained to the speakers the tricks of legislative work and pointed out that we all have greater accountability to the public as the most important part of legislative work. To fulfill this responsibility, the committees should not limit themselves to meetings only in Vidhan Bhavan but rather they should examine the ongoing development projects across the state. He said committees need to work more carefully to prevent hard-earned money from flowing into the state’s coffers. Follow-up is extremely important to ensure implementation of decisions made in committee meetings. He said that all MLAs present in the committee should work with hard work and dedication.

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