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MLA Varun Chowdhary’s Big Allegation: Major scams were taking place in Barara township where the rules were kept in check

Mla varun chowdhary's big allegation: major scams were taking place in barara township where the rules were kept in check - news2news. In

Varun Chowdhary interacts with the media.

Varun Chowdhary interacts with the media.

Ambala (Barara). Mullanas has alleged massive corruption in procurement works in Barara township. They have asked the State Vigilance Bureau to investigate the entire game.

Speaking to the media, he said there have been major scams in Napa Barara over the past three years where the rules have been kept in check. He said the NAPA government has openly violated the e-tendering process for the past three years, paying thousands of rupees worth of bills through bids. He said the officials cheated the public and government’s hard-earned money by issuing fake invoices in 3 years and during the Corona period. As per the order issued by the government, the buying and selling of goods and services above Rs 1 lakh is done only through E-tender, but the officials of NAPA ignored this whole government process and let the invoice be prepared and pay for the goods by citation. Which is totally wrong.

said while putting officers in the dock that furniture and crockery had been purchased eight times in the three years ended March 31, 2022. Similarly, he said about Rs 7.5 billion was spent on hardware, paint, fans, curtains, refurbishment of the chairman’s office and repair of the branch technical room. In which the cost of just one office desk was shown at Rs 71,626. Rs 7,58,681 was spent on street lamp repairs while more than half of these lights are still not working.

said a lot of scams were happening in NAPA even during the Corona period. In doing so, an expense of Rs 5,66,312 was accounted for in the name of expenses for sanitizer, mask, medishield, fogging etc. Choudhary said Rs 1,16,934 was spent on CCTV assembly and repairs while none of the CCTV cameras are in working order. 3,17,830 on behalf of Johad Cleaning and JCB. Expenses have been shown which is a huge scam. Rs 96,052 was spent on the initiation stone and Rs 1,07,476 was spent on purchasing pump sets. While Rs 97,488 in papers. The cost of diesel is displayed. He said that during the tenure of NAPA Chairman Richa Pahwa Rs.33,032 8 times. Dishes were bought. Rs 2,85,990 was embezzled in the name of buying and repairing computers. Apart from that insecticides worth Rs 1,31,508 and Rs 70,910. Rs was spent on purchasing a spray pump. Approximately 32,000 rupees was shown on behalf of Muniyadi while approximately 2 lakh rupees were shown on behalf of CA and court costs. Chaudhary said the street vendors bought by NAPA were repaired twice a month, which is very funny.

MLA Varun Chaudhary said NAPA officials misappropriated the public’s and government’s hard-earned money. He said it was all done in blatant disregard for the rules. He said he would raise the matter in the vidhansabha and request an investigation into the entire incident by the State Vigilance Bureau. He said that unless the government takes concrete action on the matter, the Congress party will take to the streets to protest.

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