Miracle in Karnal! The ambulance jumped into the pit and the deceased began breathing.


Miracle in Karnal!  The ambulance jumped into the pit and the deceased began breathing.

Miracle in Karnal Dead Man comes to life: Generally, potholes on roads cause injuries to people. Sometimes these even prove fatal. But what happens when even a lifeless body regains its breath due to a pothole in the road? I can’t believe it, but it’s true. This miracle happened in Karnal, Haryana. An 80-year-old dead man was brought back to life by a pothole in the road. This sensational claim was made by the family members of the person who died and came back to life.

The young man who carried the body told the story
Darshan Singh Brar was declared dead by doctors at a hospital in Patiala, Haryana. It was decided that Brar’s last rites should be performed in his hometown of Nissing. Brar’s grandson left in an ambulance with his dead grandfather’s body. On the way from Patiala to Karnal, the ambulance suddenly blew up due to a pothole on the road. Afterwards, Brar’s grandson saw that his grandfather’s hand was shaking. He rushed Brar to the hospital. By then, three hours had passed since Brar’s death. However, when they arrived at the hospital, doctors declared Brar alive.

Family members said it was a miracle
Now the old man is being treated at Karnal Hospital. According to doctors, Brar’s condition is currently critical. At the same time, family members said that this was a miracle for them. When the news of Brar’s death arrived, a wave of grief passed through the entire family. For his last rites, food was prepared and wood was also collected. Meanwhile, information suddenly came that Brar was alive again after jumping into the ambulance pit.

The elderly were on ventilators for four days
Brar’s grandson Balwan Singh said his family lives in Nissing, Karnal. Grandfather hasn’t been feeling well in the last few days. He was initially admitted to a nursing home in Karnal. As his health deteriorated, he was taken to hospital in Karnal. Where he has been on a ventilator for the past few days. Doctors declared him dead on Thursday morning. All relatives were then informed. Everyone came to his house for his funeral too.

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