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MBBS students who have returned from Ukraine cannot do an internship in general hospitals

Mbbs students who have returned from ukraine cannot do an internship in general hospitals - news2news. In
MBBS (actual photo)MBBS (actual photo)

Yogendra Sharma: Chandigarh

Internship of MBBS students returning from Ukraine will not be possible in general hospitals as the National Medical Commission directly banned it. Regarding the placement of medical students who came from outside, Minister of Health and Home Affairs met with the top officials of the department concerned and in this regard, given the number of youth belonging to , around them distribute in equal numbers all medical colleges of the state Where is it? Apart from that, they have been asked to properly explain all the technical issues they face during their internship and provide better advice so that their careers are not affected.

Sources said that Health and Home Affairs Minister Anil Vil held a meeting with officials from the Department of Medical Education and last night and discussed all the points regarding the medical students returning from Ukraine. It said that there are three categories of students. In which there is first of all a category of new registrations. Apart from that, there are more than two and a half students doing an internship. That being said, there is a third category that NOC have taken. But the department’s speakers and the speakers and the team who conduct the internship have given some thought to this. So that there is no negative impact on everyone’s careers, the balance sheet of those who took NOC will also be seen, because there are some such students who did not study there during Covid and stayed online for two years The downside This type of medical student is that he does not study practically, while in the medical field it is very important and directly concerned with the question of the precious life of the people. All in all, after brainstorming all the things, it turns out that the total number is more than seven hundred disciples.

National Medical Commission banned

The former internship in general hospitals will no longer be possible because many problems and side effects have occurred there, due to which the National Medical Commission has completely banned it. The federal states have also implemented this, now the department heads must also present the blueprint to the minister of what steps are to be taken for the coming times. But those who study online are now required to do an internship for two years instead of one because the practice is also very important in their careers. Those who left and did NOC are asked to complete their internship and internship in this regard.

It should be mentioned here that a large number of Indian students faced all kinds of crises due to the Russo-Ukrainian war. His life and career could only be saved with the help of the Indian government. If you look at the numbers, the initiative has been taken by the government for the admission of about 16,000 Indian medical students into the Colleges of India. Along these lines, there has been discussion of the Government’s Foreign Medical Graduate License Regulation (FMGL) Act. Afterwards, they and their families were very relieved. Now it also had students from different federal states. Some problems have also arisen in relation to their careers and internships. By the way, the education and internship of the students coming from outside generally had to be done outside of India. Since the National Medical Commission does not allow students to study online for more than 6 months, there have been some challenges in front of the students, but the government has largely reduced them.

We’re serious about his career: Vij

Haryana’s Health and Home Affairs Minister Vij said we take the families of medical students from Ukraine and Russia very seriously. Our Modi government at the center and we have taken many social measures in the state, we are also taking steps to ensure there is no problem with internships. After meeting with the officials, I issued guidelines so that these youths would not have any problems.

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