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Mahendragarh: Amit Yadav became State Secretary of the clerical union

Mahendragarh: The meeting was organized in Bhiwani on behalf of employees working in various departments across the state. At the meeting, a union of clerks was formed on behalf of the employees, in which Amit, a resident of the district’s Nangal Sirohi village who works in the Department of Irrigation and Water Resources, was given the responsibilities of Secretary of State.

Amit Yadav said the spiritual association was formed on behalf of employees from across the state. At the meeting, the employees unanimously converted the association into a union. All formalities have been completed. Now it will be sent to Chandigarh Department of Labor for final approval within two to three days. Once it’s approved, we’ll get all the rights of the union.

Newly elected secretary Amit Yadav said the staff in the assembly unanimously appointed Ashwani Tanwar of Bhiwani as State President, Netrapal as Deputy President, Sunil Kumar as Treasurer, Ashwani Vashisht as Treasurer. He announced that district boards will soon be formed in all districts of the state. After that, the voice will be raised before the government on the upcoming demands of the workers.

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