Lok Sabha elections 2024: Impact of code of conduct, ministerial offices await nameplates, officials in religious crisis, struggle for staff


Lok Sabha elections 2024: Impact of code of conduct, ministerial offices await nameplates, officials in religious crisis, struggle for staff

Lok Sabha Election News: Yogendra Sharma, Chandigarh. It has now been three weeks since the ministers of the newly formed cabinet in Haryana took oath. Even though rooms and departments have been allocated to them, the situation regarding staff deployment is still unclear as the employees’ letters etc., which are posted in all offices, have still not been issued. Otherwise, there are no name tags attached to their rooms; the minister’s name has only been printed on paper. Broadly speaking, one thing is the sword of the Code of Conduct, and on top of that, if the temporary employees don’t have their own letter, how will they function? Many ministers have spoken to Chief Secretary TVSN Prasad and CPS CM. But the officials also face a dilemma.

The situation regarding staff is unclear

What is special is that the first phase was sworn in and the first cabinet expansion took place a week later. For the first time, five ministers apart from the CM took oath. In the second phase, this clan had expanded. Except for ministers Abhay Singh Yadav, Kanwarpal Gurjar and Moolchand Sharma, the status of the rest of the staff is not yet clear. This affects the work. Overall, the discussion has now begun as to why the case in question has been delayed for so long?

Long line to join the ministerial staff

There is a long queue to join the ministers’ staff. In fact, because of their influence and connections, the Secretariat staff had ministers’ notes drawn up in their names and sent them to the human resources department. A dozen names of many ministers were also sent. In it, besides PS (Private Secretary), many other names were submitted including personal assistant, data entry operator, superintendent and sevadars. Operations officers are also faced with the dilemma of who they should send so many names to. It is reported that ministers will now be asked to clarify the situation in this regard.

Only old ministers have rooms with staff and name tags.

Only the ministers who were repeated in Haryana’s Nayab Singh Saini cabinet have rooms in the Haryana Civil Secretariat. At the same time, his employees have also been working with him for a long time. Senior Minister Kanwarpal Gurjar has an old room on the eighth floor of the Secretariat. The staff that works with him is also old. Also Dr. Banwari Lal has his old office and staff on the same floor. Nothing has changed here either and the nameplates also date back to ancient times.

Placard with the name of Prime Minister Naib Saini attached

First, the nameplate of Haryana’s new chief minister Nayab Saini will be installed. His office is on the fourth floor of the Haryana Secretariat, where the sign was put up the very next day after taking the oath. In total, the names of the other ministers who took the oath in his cabinet were printed on paper and displayed in their offices.

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