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Local decision by Interior Minister Anil Vij

Interior Minister Anil Vij listens to the problems.

Interior Minister Anil Vij listens to the problems.

Ambala News: Haryana’s Interior and Health Minister, Anil Vij, is known for making decisions on the ground. When the public complained to him about the functioning of an ASI at Maheshnagar Police Station, he immediately ordered Ambala SP to hold him accountable. Vij listened to the concerns of hundreds of people gathered from across the state at his residence on Sunday and gave instructions to officials to take action. After listening to the public issues, he went on tour to various rural areas. Meanwhile, people in Rampur took their problems to the Home Secretary, saying that there was drilling wire being stolen in the area, people caught the thief and handed him over to the police, but the investigating officer, ASI Rakesh, did nothing and instead spoke rudely to the villagers has. Apart from that, the villagers also reported other incidents, which were immediately noted. Interior Minister Anil Vij instructed the ASI to submit the statement.

Also in the village of Chandpura, Interior Minister Anil Vij was informed by the public that indiscriminate illegal mining is being carried out in the Tangri River, especially at night. Minister Vij then called the SHO at the local police station and reprimanded him. He said: “Illegal mining should be stopped immediately, use as much force as necessary and hold and put everyone in it.”

The husband’s hand was cut off, no action, Minister Vij told the police station’s SHO, the accused should be arrested by evening

On the other hand, Interior Minister Anil Vij heard the problems of hundreds of people who came from different parts of the state on Sunday. The woman, a resident of Kambasi village, claimed that some people quarreled with her husband and cut off his hand. Barara Police Station is not taking any action in this matter. Minister Anil Vij rebuked the SHO of Barara Police Station on the phone, saying: “The man’s hand was cut off and what are you doing? The accused should be arrested by the evening.”

The Pinjore woman filed a complaint for cheating him out of 20 lakh rupees. He said the trader took 20 lakh rupees from him to get the land, now he has neither registered the land nor returned the money. Minister Vij instructed the Panchkula Police Commissioner to take action on the matter. Asha workers from Panipat complained about the CMO’s termination of their jobs, prompting Minister Vij to investigate the matter. Likewise, a Gurugram resident accused the defendant of obtaining registration by taking a false oath. Minister Anil Vij instructed the Gurugram Police Commissioner to investigate the matter. Likewise, a person from Fatehabad complained that no action had been taken in the murder of a family member for six years. To this end, Minister Vij gave the SP Fatehabad strict instructions and instructed them to take action.

Left the Aam Aadmi Party and joined the BJP

Impressed by Vij’s style of work, dozens of people left the Aam Aadmi Party and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. Jitendra Gupta, Nitesh Gupta, Jagdish Gupta, Rohit Gupta, Shammi Gupta, Sanjeev Halwai, Roop Singh, Jayprakash Babla, Puneet, Dhruv Kumar, Vikas from Aam Aadmi Party during the program at BJP Kisan Morcha Chief Ranjit residence Singh Virk in Sarsehri Besides Saini, many others joined the BJP. The Minister of the Interior warmly welcomed him to the party, wearing all the party flags.

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