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Lineman arrested for taking bribe of 21 thousand rupees in lieu of adjusting electricity bill

bribery case

bribery case

News2News.in News : Karnal

The State Vigilance team has arrested the lineman of the Electricity Department red-handed taking a of Rs 21 thousand. The complainant had given a complaint to the Vigilance, in which he told that the lineman Pravin Pal posted in Power House Naval is demanding a of Rs 21 thousand from him in lieu of changing the old meter and adjusting the previous bill which is Rs 70 thousand. . After the complaint, the Vigilance deployed a police team under the leadership of Inspector Sachin. Vigilance team gave 21 thousand rupees to the complainant by applying chemical.

After that in a coordinated manner the team stood at some distance behind him. The complainant gave chemical-laden money to the lineman in Pritam Pura Colony. As soon as the lineman caught the money, immediately the Vigilance team immersed him in water, which turned red in color. The team arrested the accused on the spot and recovered Rs 21 thousand. Vigilance Inspector Sachin said that lineman Praveen Pal has been arrested red handed taking a of 21 thousand rupees. The accused will be produced in the court on August 13. Where inquiries will be made as to who else is involved with him.

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