Kisan Andolin: An earthen dam has been built in Kaithal on the border with Punjab, farmers say they will go to Delhi


Kisan Andolin: An earthen dam has been built in Kaithal on the border with Punjab, farmers say they will go to Delhi

Kaithal. On Sunday, besides erecting barricades and placing containers, earth embankments were also constructed on the Haryana-Punjab border at Gulha Chika in Kaithal. Due to this, people had to face a lot of trouble. Let us know that the administration has fully prepared to stop the farmers and with absolute rigor the officials have sent a clear message to the farmers that the administration is ready to face any situation and that farmers are protected under all circumstances. She will not be allowed to go to Delhi but because of this the internet service was stopped by the administration three days ago, roads were closed and potholes were dug, which is why there is a lot of anger among the public about this government and administration. . People ask: What is the justification for stopping normal movement three days in advance? People said that they ask these questions to the administration, but there is no one who can answer them. After visiting the closed checkpoints, the farmers said that the government was making efforts to thwart the march in Delhi. Due to this, the common people are facing problems.

The farmers said their animals were starving

The farmers said that the problem they are facing due to the blockade is that although their houses are in the village, they are on the other side of the blockade. As a result, they are no longer able to go to the fields to fetch fodder for the animals at the blockade, tractors, bullock carts, etc. They are therefore unable to go to their fields, forcing their animals to go hungry due to lack of fodder remain. He said that due to the above measures taken by the government, there is a lot of anger among farmers against the government. The farmers demanded that the administration make alternative arrangements to fetch fodder from the fields for the animals.

Officials camped

To stop the farmers’ march to Delhi, officials have camped here and police and administrative officials at district and state levels are also visiting here and constantly taking stock of the situation. In the meantime, IG is here today. Karnal Satendra Gupta visited us for the third time in a row and took stock of the situation. Additional Deputy Commissioner Kaithal Ms. Shraddha was also present with him on the occasion. On one hand, the government is trying its best to stop the farmers.

The march to Delhi will take place on the 13th at any cost

Farmer groups are also intensively preparing for the march in Delhi. In this regard, BKU block leader Balkar Ballu said that farmer leaders associated with Bharatiya Kisan Union Shaheed Bhagat Singh are fully active in Guhla-Cheeka area and are moving from village to village urging farmers to participate in the Delhi March with enthusiasm . Farmer leaders claim that no matter how many tactics the government may use to stop them, they cannot stop them from marching on Delhi and that they are defying the checkpoints set up by the government on February 13 and at They will be marching to Delhi. .

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