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Kiran Chaudhary said: Mustard arrivals reach the Mandis, government procurement does not take place

Chandigarh. Senior Congressional leader and MLA Kiran Chaudhary surrounded the government in the MSP case, saying that the arrival of mustard in the Mandis has begun but government procurement is not happening. Farmers should get MSP, but the government is unwilling to do government procurement for MSP. In addition, efforts are being made to suppress the voice of the opposition in the House. Kiran Chowdhary spoke to reporters.

He said that 14 awareness-raising proposals had been put before Parliament, which were very important. But he was sidelined in the house. Law and order is deteriorating in the state, there are many such problems, but they are not heard in the house. The condition of the farmers is bad, the must harvest was damaged by frost. In the budget session, the speaker set the word limit for motions and questions, now no question can exceed 150 words. On the other hand, the word limit for the request for attention has been reduced to 250. All of this is being done to stifle the voice of the opposition. The manifesto promised to increase the old age pension to Rs 5100 but by increasing it by Rs 250 the government has betrayed the elderly.

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