Karnal: Mumbai’s girlfriend murdered her wrestler boyfriend and made her husband clean the blood scattered on the floor and wall.


Karnal: Mumbai’s girlfriend murdered her wrestler boyfriend and made her husband clean the blood scattered on the floor and wall.

Karnal: Mumbai’s married girlfriend murdered her wrestler boyfriend at home in Karnal. He was attacked in the head with a sharp weapon. Her mentally disabled husband was also at home at the time of the murder. During the murder, blood splattered the walls and floor of the house. After the incident, the woman locked all the doors in the house. She had her disabled husband clean the blood from the floor and walls. Then she changed her blood-stained clothes and ran away, jumping through the back over the wall. The wrestler came to his girlfriend’s house on Monday evening. He was murdered on Tuesday afternoon but was not discovered until late in the evening. The police then took her husband into custody and began questioning her.

Late wrestler Krishna was in a relationship with Zarina Khan for six years.

According to police investigations, wrestler Krishna was in a relationship with Zarina Khan aka Rani for six years. Zarina Khan lives in Mumbai. Zarina Khan was married to Karmjeet from Sangoha village Karnal just a year ago. The love affair between Krishna and Zarina Khan continued even after marriage. Krishna was the father of three children. He has a daughter and two sons. Zarina currently had no children. Former sarpanch Rishipal said that Krishna had a love affair with Zarina Khan but he could not marry her because she was married and had children. He named Zarina Khan Rani and brought her from Mumbai to Karnal. He married the mentally challenged Karmjeet to Zarina alias Rani. Even after marriage, he continued to visit Zarina’s house often. The whole village knew about their love affair.

Zarina Khan had called Krishna’s family

According to Krishna’s family, he received a call from Zarina Khan. He called Krishna about eight to ten times and said he had met with an accident. He is seriously injured. Take him away. However, when the family members reached his house, the door was locked. He broke the lock and entered through the main door. Inside, Krishna lay on the floor soaked in blood. Blood flowed from his head. Blood was scattered on the floor and walls of two rooms. Her disabled husband wiped away the blood scattered on the floor. The family claims that there are more people who murdered Krishna. Krishna was a wrestler, so a woman and a disabled person cannot kill him together.

Disabled husband says wrestler Krishna came with rod to beat him

Zarina Khan aka Rani’s disabled husband Karmjeet told police that Krishna came home with a rod. His wife and began to raise his hands towards her. Then he got scared and hopeless and started doing who knows what else. Then he fell against the wall and the door. He also hit me on the head with sticks. My wife went out and didn’t know where she was. Krishna had also come to my house earlier and may have had a relationship with my wife before. He also locked us in the room and beat us. Even today he struck, but became frightened and fell when he hit the wall.

Krishna died due to an attack on the head

After the incident, CIA and FSL teams along with Karnal police reached the spot. When the team examined the body, they found multiple blows to the head. Based on this, it is assumed that the person may have died from a blow to the head. Police took the body into their custody and sent it to Kalpana Chawla Medical College in Karnal for post-mortem. The real reason for the murder will be known after the autopsy.

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