Karnal: Driver attacked in moving bus, panic among passengers


Karnal: Driver attacked in moving bus, panic among passengers

Karnataka: The driver of the Haryana Roadways bus, which was traveling from Chandigarh to Palwal, suddenly suffered a heart attack in the moving bus, causing chaos among the passengers in the bus. The bus conductor showed wisdom, managed the moving bus and parked it safely on the side of the road. Thanks to the wisdom of the bus conductor, a serious accident was averted. The incident was immediately reported to the police. As soon as the information was received, police arrived on the scene and the driver was taken to the local hospital. Where the driver’s condition is after treatment.

The Palwal depot bus was heading to Faridabad

Bus operator Narendra Kumar said that the Haryana Roadways Palwal Depot bus left for Faridabad with passengers around 11:30 pm on Tuesday evening. As soon as the bus reached the bridge in front of Gharaunda Senior Secondary School around 2 a.m., bus driver Pratap’s health condition suddenly deteriorated and within a very short time, Pratap fell unconscious in the driver’s seat of the moving bus. Conductor Narendra said that he was sitting next to him in the conductor’s seat. As soon as the bus lost its balance and climbed onto the partition, there was chaos among the passengers on the bus. There were around 20 passengers on the bus at the time of the accident.

The operator’s speed saved the lives of the passengers

After the bus driver suffered an attack, the conductor handled the situation wisely and immediately took control of driving the bus after knowing Pratap’s condition. Pratap brought the moving bus back to normal with the help of the bus passengers, was taken out from the driver’s seat and immediately informed the police. As soon as the information came, the 112 vehicle reached the accident spot, parked the bus and took the unconscious driver Pratap to the government hospital in Gharaunda. The passengers sitting on the bus were taken to their destination on other buses. Doctors at the hospital started treating the bus driver and now the condition of the bus driver is said to be fine.

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