Kaithal: Officials and rice mill owners in collusion gave rice worth millions to the sealed rice mills.


Kaithal: Officials and rice mill owners in collusion gave rice worth millions to the sealed rice mills.

Paddy from government procurement agencies goes to rice mills that are sealed and without machines.

Paddy from government procurement agencies goes to rice mills that are sealed and without machines.

Kaithal: About half a dozen rice mills sealed by the pollution control board in Cheeka, Asia’s premier grain market known as the rice bowl, will receive rice mills worth crores of rupees for milling from the Haryana government’s two procurement agencies, the Food and Die Ministry of Supply and the State Warehouse. The high-profile fraud was uncovered. This scam was carried out jointly by the officials and the rice mill owners. Furthermore, if reliable sources are to be believed, many senior officials of rice mills and allied departments are allegedly involved in the said scam, which is why the sources indicate that a high-level probe into the said scam is being conducted by the Government of Haryana. If this happens, not only will the big fraud be exposed, but it won’t be long before the faces of many officials will also be exposed.

Many state governments, including the Indian government, are increasingly concerned about pollution across the country. To keep a close watch on the increasing pollution, governments are announcing many kinds of restrictions, but in Cheeka Mandi, the environment department has stopped these rice mills. Those that did not meet government standards were sealed. According to sources, no government agency can hand over rice mills for milling to rice mills sealed by the Pollution Control Board and the rule is that registration of rice mills is done before handing over the rice mills by the department. Even that is not legally possible. But here, the government procurement agencies have blatantly violated the law by registering such rice mills and providing huge quantities of rice to the procurement agencies for milling. However, large-scale financial transactions are also said to have taken place under this cover.

There were no machines installed in the alleged rice mills, but an interesting aspect of the said scam is that in some of the rice mills that came under the control of the scam, there were no machines installed at all and they were either closed or construction work was in progress on the paper showed the said rice mills in operation, the officials gave away the rice field for milling. Therefore, no one knows where this rice field is now, but the big question is: How will the said rice mill owner thresh the rice field without machines? The second question is why the officials concerned did not visit the affected rice mills before giving them government rice. Sources say this question is actually at the root of the scam.

Sealed the mills himself: Satish Kumar

In this regard, SDO of Pollution Department Satish Kumar said that he himself had sealed four rice mills in Cheeka town for non-compliance with pollution norms while one or two rice mills had been sealed before him. The said official also revealed the names of all the sealed rice mills and said that the seals in this regard would be opened only after the completion of the investigation. He also said that opening or not opening the seal during the investigation could take a long time. He said that the seal will not be opened and this process could take at least six months as long as the sealed rice mill owners do not comply with the Environment Agency’s quality standards.

The officials were silent

Due to the fact-finding in the said scam and the alleged allegations of fraud against the officials, recording phones were also procured from the procurement agencies and some other senior officials of the Haryana government, which many subordinate officials shrugged off and said that they were only senior officials Officials are involved in this matter. Can you tell me something? This could reveal a larger scam.

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