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Jind: The reserve price was 99 crores, the auctioned contracts were 106 crores

By participating in the e-auction.

By participating in the e-auction.

Jind: An auction of liquor contracts from 28 zones was held in the DRDA hall. These 28-zone liquor contracts were auctioned for 106 crore rupees while their reserve price was around 99 crore rupees. Patiala Chowk’s most expensive liquor contract was auctioned, the reserve price of which was kept at Rs 6 crore and it was auctioned for Rs 6 crore 22 lakh. Bids were not met for 22 zones, allowing the remaining liquor contracts to be auctioned on Monday.

There are 50 liquor contract zones throughout the county. Bids for liquor contracts were opened in 28 zones on Thursday and the liquor contracts were allocated on behalf of those who had placed the winning bids. ADC Harish Vashisht, Sugar Mill MD Praveen Tehlan, DETC Shobhanimala, DETC Excise and Excise Department staff Ajmer Ghanghas, Balvindra and the tenders were opened at 17:00 in the presence of the contractors who submitted the bids. Gradually, the spirits contracts of all zones were auctioned. However, there was a brief lighting issue during the auction process, which required the tenders to be opened on laptops instead of large screens. A videograph of the entire offer opening process was created. Meanwhile, police security forces were on duty at the main gate of the DRDA and at the entrance to the hall.

Patiala Chowk’s liquor deal is the most expensive

In the liquor contracts, the floor price of zone number three liquor contract was maintained at Rs. 5.35 crore and this liquor contract was sold for Rs. 5.86 crore. Zone number four liquor contract was sold for 4 crore 52 lakh rupees, zone number five liquor contract was sold for 5 crore 66 lakh rupees. On the other hand, the minimum price of the liquor contract in Patiala Chowk of zone number seven was kept at 6 crore rupees and sold for 6 crore 22 lakh 77 thousand 777 rupees. Alcohol contract for zone number nine 3.57 crore rupees, auction for zone number 11 4 crore rupees, zone number 12 3 crore rupees, zone number 14 5.08 crore rupees, zone number 15 5.87 crore rupees, zone number 17 3 crore 95 lakh, Zone No. Zone No. 19 at Rs. 5.62 crore, Zone No. 20 at Rs. 5.42 crore, Zone No. 22 at Rs. 3.26 crore and Zone No. 23 at Rs. 3.81 crores. Apart from that: Rs 2 crore 76 lakh for Zone #25, Rs 3.18 crore for Zone #27, Rs 5.89 crore for Zone #29, Rs 2.81 crore for Zone #31, Rs 2, 88 crore for Zone #32, Rs 3.71 crore for Zone #33. Auctioned for Rs. Zone #34 Rs 4.93 crore, Zone #36 Rs 3.87 crore, Zone #40 Rs 3, 25 crore, Zone No. 45 Rs 2 crore 88 lakh 11 thousand, Zone No. 47 Rs 3.21 crore, Zone No. 48 Rs 2.67 crore Rupee Zone No. 50 was auctioned for Rs 4.22 crore.

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