Jind: Seats on trains are full, problems for passengers are increasing


Jind: Seats on trains are full, problems for passengers are increasing

Jind Junction.

Jind Junction.

Jind: Diwali festival takes place in November. In such a situation, there are no seats available for passengers on the trains to return home. There are major festivals like Dhanteras on November 10th, Diwali on November 12th, Govardhan Puja on November 14th and Chhath Puja on November 19th. In such a situation, people living in Jind from far away areas want to travel to their homes for the festival but cannot get seats in the train.

Due to the holidays, expatriates are busy preparing to travel home. In such a situation, passengers are forced to travel in buses due to lack of seats in the train. Although the fares for sleeping cars and train buses are almost the same, the train journey is somewhat more comfortable. But due to the heavy luggage in the buses, it will not be easy for passengers to travel. If a passenger in the train from Jind to Mathura has to travel in a sleeper coach, the ticket costs more than 380 rupees, while the bus fare is about the same but the journey in the bus takes more than six hours. The tax is being pushed. While passengers can travel lying down on the train and stow their luggage comfortably, passengers may have to rely on buses due to a lack of seats on the trains.

That’s waiting on trains

There is a waiting list for 197 trains in 15910 Avadh Assam Express, 165 trains in 12137-38 Punjab Mail and 209 trains in 14623 Patalkot Express stopping at Jind Junction. The Avadh-Assam Express train runs to Dibrugarh, Guwahati, Bihar, Kishanganj, Muzaffarnagar, Lucknow, Bareilly and Ghaziabad. The Punjab Mail Express train, on the other hand, travels to Mumbai, Kalyan, Nashik, Bhopal, Lalitpur, Gwalior, Agra and Mathura. The Patalkot Express, on the other hand, goes to Bhopal, Lalitgarh, Agra and Mathura.

Bus from Jind to Punjab and Uttar Pradesh

Jind to Patiala at 5.30 am, Sangrur at 6.05 am, Patiala at 8.00 am, Ganganagar at 5.25 am, Ludhiana at 6.20 am, Ludhiana at 5.30 am, Haridwar at 5.50 am, Ganganagar at 7.25 am. However, from Dehradun buses to other states like Mathura leave at 12 noon where passengers can go home.

Due to the public holidays there are no seats available on the trains

Jind Railway Junction station master Jaiprakash said that there is a very long waiting time in the trains. Due to this, the passengers are facing problems. People going to Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar reserve their trains. Due to the holidays, seats in express trains like Awadh-Assam and Punjab Mail are already fully booked.

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