Jind: Khaps ignored the controversy between wrestlers Bajrang and Vishal and left the decision to the federation.


Jind: Khaps ignored the controversy between wrestlers Bajrang and Vishal and left the decision to the federation.

Khap representatives argue with each other during the Khap Panchayat.

Khap representatives argue with each other during the Khap Panchayat.

Jind: The Khap Panchayat, which organized Olympic wrestlers Bajrang Punia and Vishal Kaliraman regarding their participation in the Asian Games, distanced itself from the matter. The decision to play rests with the Wrestling Federation. There was a lot of quarreling and jostling among the Chaudharys in the Khap Panchayat. The anti-khap from the Vishal side expressed his displeasure over the panchayat’s decision. Even raised slogans against Bajrang Punia. Khap Panchayat was headed by Omprakash Kandela, the head of Kandela Khap. The families of both wrestlers were present at the Khap Panchayat. Chaudharys of more than three dozen khaps had participated in the khap panchayat.

On Saturday, responding to Rodhi Khap’s call to wrestle wrestlers Bajrang Punia and Vishal to the Asian Games, the Chaudharys of the Khaps met at Jat Dharamshala and brainstormed for about four hours. Choudhary Hardeep Sharma of Rodhi Khap said that Vishal wrestled five times in the exams. Despite this, the federation sent Bajrang Punia’s name to the Asian Games without putting him on trial. Bajrang had said to call Khap Panchayat. Chaudhary Shamsher Poonia of Poonia Khap said that the panchayat had met to understand the matter. This is not an arena of politics. Chaudhary said the government wanted to destroy the Brotherhood by linking this dispute with the Khaps. Some Khap Choudharys of Jind district said that the issue concerns the wrestlers of Jhajjar and Hansi. There is no justification for holding Panchayat in Jind.

The speakers were very impressed by the use of words while speaking. Chaudhary had to work hard to calm the atmosphere. Chaudharys of Kheda Khap, Naugama Khap, Majra Khap and Dhul Khap distanced themselves from the issue. The Chaudharies of these Khapas said that the matter concerns the Wrestling Federation. Khap Panchayats are being made avant-garde. If there had been problems with the government, he would have supported them. Mahipal Shastri, patron of Poonia Khap, said that at the time of the trial it was clearly stated that it was for the second trial. The matter was also referred to the court, which rejected the petition. The decision as to which wrestler the association sends to play also lies with the association. Khap Panchayat cannot do anything about it.

The leader presents his views during the khap panchayat.

The leader presents his views during the Khap Panchayat.

Vinesh Phogat’s husband Sombir Rathi said some people are talking about selling the strike. It was decided to forego the medal. Which was stopped by the elders. The government had said that you will work hard and further remove Brij Bhushan, but we are saying that we will send Brij Bhushan to jail. Ultimately, apart from Anti-Car Khap and Poonia Khap, other Khap Chaudharys also formed a committee and left the decision to them. At the same time, Rodhi Khap demanded of Poonia Khap to send Vishal to the Asian Games. The matter then became heated again and the people of both Khapas came face to face. At the same time, the wrestlers of the opposing khap got into a fight with the Chaudharys of other khaps. There was even a scuffle. The opposing khaps said they came to demand justice from the khaps but got nothing here. The Vishal wrestler’s supporters also raised slogans against Bajrang Punia.

Kandela Khap chief Omprakash Kandela said that the matter was beyond the jurisdiction of Khap Panchayats where Khap Panchayat could not do anything. The decision has to be made by the association, so the decision was left to the association. Hardeep, leader of Rodhi Khap, said that Vishal arrived here after winning the wrestling. However, he did not get his rights. Bajrang had left the decision to Khap. The khaps paid no attention to Vishal. He is disappointed with the Khap Panchayat’s decision.

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