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Jind: If you give a two-thousand bill, you must buy at least 500 goods

Notice attached to the pump.

Notice attached to the pump.

Jind: Two thousand rupee notes have become a problem for people. People come to the stores to buy the goods with two thousand bills. Goods are bought for 100 or 200 rupees and two thousand bills are handed out. The same situation prevails at gas pumps, hotels and other places. The handing over of Rs 2000 notes poses a problem for small notes. Shopkeepers are now talking about buying goods for at least Rs 500 rupees and more when handed a Rs 2000 note. Notices are posted on petrol pumps stating that anyone with Rs 2,000 notes must buy at least Rs 500 or more worth of diesel or petrol. The main reason for this is the problem of small notes. On the other hand, the bank management says that each person can deposit as many bills as they like, including the possibility at the ATM. A limit of 2,000 rupees worth of banknotes per day has been set.

2000 bills came on the market, 12 to 15 crore were returned in the banks

The note first appeared on the market after the RBI set the currency of two-thousand banknotes through September 30. In 2016, RBI issued two thousand bonds. Its value was 6.73 lakh thousand crores. In 2018, the Reserve Bank stopped printing banknotes. There were only 3.62 lakh thousand crore notes left on the market, leaving more than half the notes stuck. Because of this, the RBI has set a limit to stop banknotes from circulating. Now the note is appearing on the market. However, the exchange of banknotes will start from May 23. Nevertheless, people with two-thousand bills come onto the market. So far, banknotes with a value of 12 to 15 crore have also been deposited with the banks.

Notice affixed to the pump: Rakesh Bansal

Rakesh Bansal, the owner of Indian Oil Pump in Old Sabzi Mandi, said many customers ask to fill up with petrol or diesel for as little as Rs 100 by presenting a Rs 2,000 note. In such a situation, giving easy money becomes a problem. That is why the notice was also attached to the petrol pump. Two-thousand bills are only deducted if the customer receives 500 or more worth of gasoline or diesel.

Any person can deposit any number of two thousand bills into their account: Vinod Verma

Bank director Vinod Verma said any number of two thousand notes could get stuck in their account. There is also an ATM option. A daily change limit of 20,000 rupees has been set in the bank. Four thousand rupees can be exchanged by a bank friend. The directive has been issued to all banks. There is no need to worry people.

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