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Jai Hind Sena will reach out to Home Secretary Amit Shah in Gohana on public issues

Naveen Jaihind along with others during a press conference.

Naveen Jaihind along with others during a press conference.

Sonipat:Naveen Jaihind said during a press conference at the Rest House on Tuesday that on Subhash Chandra Bose’s birthday a non-political Jaihind Sena organization was announced, under the banner of which public issues will be raised.

Naveen Jaihind also issued a helpline number to get help from Jaihind Sena. Naveen Jaihind said that the symbol of Jaihind Sena would be a lion on the black flag and the slogan of Jaihind Sena would be Inquilab Zindabad. The main goal of Jai Hind Sena will be to address the public’s problems, raise awareness among the youth and make the public aware of their problems. To create awareness among the youth of the society that is deviating, so that the youth stay away from drugs and crime.

He said that Jai Hind Sena will soon be visible on the ground floor, which will reach Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who is coming to Gohana on January 29 with people’s problems. Jai Hind Sena will march from Rohtak’s Sector 6 Stadium on January 29 towards Gohana and introduce Union Interior Minister Amit Shah to the people’s problems.

Jaihind Sena will make 5 People’s Demands before Amit Shah

– Remove the minister who harassed the women’s coach and increase the price of sugar cane for farmers

CET qualified for unemployed, application of HTET validity for life

– Restore EBPG quota and sports quota for the poor, fill all vacancies in the Ministry of Unemployment

– Restore old pensions for government employees and confirm raw employees

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