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Installation of automatic stairs for disabled and elderly people has started at Sonipat station

Installation of automatic stairs for disabled and elderly people has started at sonipat station - news2news. In

sonipat. At Sonipat station, the demand of many years is met. The Railway Department has started installing automatic stairs at the station for the convenience of the elderly and disabled. For this, barricades are erected after marking the place on platform number one of the station. Passengers who have been demanding automatic stairs at Sonipat station for many years are now hoping for a remedy. The plan of the stairs to be built has already been handed over by the railway management.

Please inform that Sonipat railway station has been given the status of Adarsh ​​railway station. Around 40,000 to 50,000 passengers depart daily on the Delhi and Ambala routes from the station, which has been included in the A category. In such a situation, elderly and disabled people coming to the station need to take the help of stairs to move on the other platforms. Because of this, they have difficulty climbing stairs. Now, with a view to the convenience of passengers, the place at the station has been marked.

This means that passengers arriving at the station no longer have to climb the stairs with their luggage. The railroad construction department has started erecting barricades by choosing a spot on platform number one. In parallel, work on dismantling the stand already installed at the selected location will continue. The construction of automatic stairs will also benefit female passengers and children, as well as elderly, disabled people traveling at the station. At the same time, the importance of the Sonipat station will also increase. For a long time, daily commuters demanded the installation of automatic stairs. Now the demand of the passengers will be met soon.

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