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In Faridabad, the father became the death of the children: by throwing the son and daughter into the well, they were killed

Faridabad: A father killed his two own children near the village of Sikri. The demonic father threw both children into the well and stood on the children with his feet. Both children died in the well. After the incident, two youths used ladders and ropes to retrieve the children’s bodies and called the police. Police arrived at the site, took the bodies into custody and sent them to the hospital for autopsy. The police are investigating the matter

In the Softa colony near the village of Sikri, a father turned into a monster killed his innocent son and daughter by drowning them in a well. The son was six years old and the daughter was five years old. Initial investigations revealed that the defendant’s first wife had died. Both children were from his first wife. The second wife did not like these children, which is why there was a quarrel in the house. The police took the accused into custody. The defendant’s name is Bhagat Singh. He is basically a resident of the Marroli village of Palwal. For the last three years he lived and worked here in the Softa colony. Two years earlier, his wife committed suicide by dousing herself with combustible material.

Asha didn’t like her first wife’s children

The accused had son Nikki and daughter Bindo by his first wife. A year and a half ago he married a girl named Asha, a relative of his wife. Her brother-in-law Sonu said that Asha disliked the children of Bhagat Singh’s first wife. There used to be a lot of arguments about her in the house. Also on Thursday there was a dispute about the children. Angry, Bhagat Singh left the house and took both children with him. About 300 yards from the house is a well about 9 feet deep that is filled with about five feet of water. He put both children in the well one after the other. Then he jumped down himself. Asha was right behind him. When he sounded the alarm, people gathered around him. Driver Naseem reached the spot and jumped into the well to save the children. By that time both children had died.

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