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Htet Exam: Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test Admission Card will be issued tomorrow, download here

Htet exam: haryana teacher eligibility test admission card will be issued tomorrow, download here - news2news. In

bhiwani School Education Board Chairman Dr. VP Yadav said that Teacher Eligibility Test-2022 (HTET) Level-1, 2 and 3 will be organized on December 3rd and 4th. Admission Card of Approved Candidates of this Examination Board website www.bseh.org.in But will be released from November 26th. All candidates must carefully read/understand and follow the important notes/instructions on the admission card.

number of candidates

This exam has 3,05,717 candidates in 504 exam centers, including 2,18,033 women, 87,678 men and 06 transgender people. The Level 1 exam (PRT) includes 42,888 women and 17,904 men and 02 transgender out of 60,794 candidates. Level-2 (TGT) includes 1,49,430 candidates including 1,07,040 females and 42,387 males and 03 transgenders and Level-3 (PGT) includes 68,105 females and 27,387 males and 01 transgenders out of 95,493 candidates.

exam time

The Level 3 (PGT) exam will be held on December 3 in 327 exam centers, which time is from 15:00 to 17:30 in the evening session, and the Level 2 (TGT) exam will be held on December 4, 504 Morning Test Centers: In the morning session from 10:00 to 12:30 and the Level 1 (PRT) exam is administered in 215 test centers from 15:00 to 17:30 in the evening session. As in previous years, the Teacher Eligibility Test will be conducted in the candidates’ home districts. The candidate may not leave the examination center before the examination time.

Candidates whose signature, thumbprint, photo does not conform to the required standard/size/distance, whose access card has been confiscated, the reason for this will be displayed on the portal. The affected candidates can correct the error displayed in the portal online until November 29, 5:00 p.m. These candidates can only download the admission card after the correction. Candidates whose admission cards are not downloaded may appear in person at the Board Headquarters, Bhiwani, Room No. 28 on office days from 09:00 to 17:00 along with their confirmation page.

flying squad

172 powerful air squads were formed to check all examination centers for cheating-free and well-organized examination implementation. In addition, each examination center has one employee/representative of the board and one administrative/official appointed by the deputy officer as assessors. Appropriate policing and full enforcement of Section 144 will be in place at each testing center three hours prior to the start of the exam to prevent outside interference and photostat shops will remain closed around the testing center during the exam. CCTV cameras have been installed in every room at all testing centers across the state. During the exam, candidates will take the exam under the surveillance of CCTV cameras, which are monitored live by the control room set up in the high-tech control board. If a candidate is found to be involved in copying, an online case will be registered with immediate effect.

Mandatory documents for the candidate at the examination center

All candidates must print out the admission card with a color photo. Without a colored admission card, the candidate will not be allowed to enter the examination center if the photograph on the admission card has been tampered with (distorted/tampered with). All candidates should take special note that it is mandatory to bring a two-sided admission card, one medium copy and the other candidate copy with color photograph and attach the color photograph uploaded at the time of registration and present it to the Gazetted Officer. It is mandatory to have it checked. The candidate must bring the original photo ID registered with the application to the examination center. The candidate may only use a black ballpoint pen for the test.

Candidates should make sure to arrive at the test center 2 hours 10 minutes before the start of the test so that the obligatory formalities such as metal detector search, IRIS biometric capture etc. at the main entrance of the test center can be completed in good time. The candidate is not allowed to enter the examination center 1 hour before the start of the examination. Under no circumstances may the candidate change centres/subjects. All candidates are screened for the left eye by IRIS biometric data collection. If a candidate does not have a left eye, the right eye will be examined. Blind candidates who do not have both eyes, in which case the thumbprint of the candidate’s left hand is taken.

Scorer for blind/physical candidates

Board Joint Secretary said that those blind/disabled candidates whose disability is 40 percent or more who are unable to write with their own hands and wish to use the scribe’s ability to contact the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) should apply for authorization to do so CMO)/ Medical certificate issued by the Medical Association, two passport photos of the candidate to be accepted as a clerk, education level not above upper secondary (10+2), certified copies from the head of the institution/ School admission card issuance, you can report to the Presidency Headquarters in room No. 28 in good time on office days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Blind/physical candidates (who are unable to write with their own hand, regardless of whether they have the whether or not to use a writer’s ability) will be given an additional 50 minutes of time at a rate of 20 minutes per hour. He further shared that in the event of an accident, the candidate must obtain the scribe’s permission from the board.

What are the restrictions/permissions for items in the exam center?

Candidates may only wear mangalsutra, apply bindi and vermilion. Sikh candidates may wear symbols of religious belief. He said that all jewelry such as rings, chains, earrings, necklaces, pendants, nose studs, brooches, etc., all metal objects, all electronic devices such as cell phones, pagers, bluetooth, headphones, calculators, watches, wallets, log tables, health tape, plastic bags, blank or printed paper and written slips of paper etc. are not permitted. There is no provision for storing items in the examination center. A high-tech control room has been set up at the board headquarters, the hotline numbers of which will be 01664-254302, 254304, 254601, 254604 and number 8816840349.

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